Books that Intertwine Wellness and Spirituality:

 Intertwining Wellness and Spirituality:  

Many Lives, Many Masters

Ever wonder if reincarnation is a valid phenomenon? Ever wonder if your past lives might be having a bearing on your wellness today? A wonderful book that makes a tight, articulate case for reincarnation and it’s effect on psychic well-being (and ultimately on one’s overall health) was published in 1988 by Brian L. Weis, MD.  Titled Many Lives, Many Masters, it’s certainly a classic in its field. In fact, if it were in my power, I’d make it required reading for everyone who ventures into the art and/or science of healing.

First of all, Dr. Weis has sterling credentials. A magna cum laude graduate of Columbia University with a medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, he served an internshp at New York University’s Bellevue Medical Center and went on to become chief resident, Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine. He was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida and later Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry there. It was indeed risky, in 1988, to put his illustrious career on the line and publish a book on past life regression.

Weis’s book describes the fascinating case of “Catherine” who suffered from a slew of anxieties from nightmares to anxiety attacks. Under hypnosis, she surprised Dr. Weiss, a traditional psychotherapist, by describing past lives in realistic detail that had occurred over a span of several thousand years. Though astonished and skeptical, Weiss was able to confirm some elements of Catherine’s stories through public records. But additionally, while channeling messages from “the space between lives” and “Masters” who comforted and guided discarnate humans, she was able to tell him facts regarding his own family and the death of a son that she could never have known.

Kudos to Dr. Weiss for having the courage of his convictions in publishing this first work and continuing to pursue this field of inquiry.  If you’re looking for an excellent, convincing read on reincarnation, read Many Lives, Many Masters.

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Contemplations on the Wisdom of Pa’Ris’Ha: You and The Observer

Contemplations on the Wisdom of Pa’Ris’Ha 

–a Wellness and Spirituality ProjectWho Am I

Curious to know yourself?  Join in a discussion with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha on February 17 to gain deep insight into the purpose of  Life. Enhance Wellness and Spirituality as you Evolve into Awareness of your Divine Self-hood.

As Humanity evolves–pulling itself up by its own flimsy bootstraps–the People’s Divinity awakens. The I AM Observes Itself in Each one of The One. Thus we are on our way to becoming free, responsible, self-conscious, ever-living, ever-loving  co-creative citizens in an ethereal Divine cosmos! 

Oh Human…Observe Thyself! Know Thyself!…Du’Tsu



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Contemplations on the Wisdom of Pa’Ris’Ha: From Whence Peace?

Contemplations on the Wisdom of Pa’Ris’Ha–

a Wellness and Spirituality Project

Chaos is easily wrought. From whence comes order and harmony? To convert chaos to creation, to create peace, to be a light to others, to bring harmony….the Co-creator called “Human” is endowed with that wondrous Ability. It is our Divine “Response-Ability.”…E.Richie

Thus spake My Elder Parisha Taylor*:Earth mother

*A Wellness and Spirituality expert– Medicine Woman, Elder and Success Coach–Parisha Taylor, is a groundswell of love, wisdom and inspiration! I have been privileged to sit in Circle with her for many years. To contemplate and then comment on her words is an exercise in discovering one’s own genius, one’s own gnosis.

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Reflections on the Wisdom of PaRisHa Taylor: LET LOVE RULE

  Contemplations on the Wisdom of 

PaRisHa Taylor:  LOVE LIVES!


 Sacred energy condenses, Giving, Giving, Giving, Giving of

Itself to Manifestation.  

Love lives

Every moment of the Now is part of the ongoing Creation,

wrought by our own Thought, as we

–as Co-Creatorsparticipate in the

Process of Magnetizing

the Raw Energy of the Invisible Field of Love.

Therefore: Dream Big and Lovingly as You Create

in Every Moment. Thus you Bring Paradise to Earth.

As Above, so Below!

So Be It. So Be It. So Be It.

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It’s After the End of the World?


A Very Cool GuyI went to a party early in my freshman year of college. I was pure, sweet and almost innocent.  Throughout the hour or so I was there, in a now forgotten dorm room, odd words blared from a stereo. “It’s After the End of the World” repeated and repeated. It’s a Sun Ra song, circa 1971.

Well now it is after the end of the world: December 21, 2012 has come and gone. And on this cold January night, I’m thinking about how the world did end, at least in a manner of speaking, in 2012.  It ended  for my husband, Larry, who died in June of  2012. And so it also ended –in a manner of speaking–for me and for my sons, for other members of my family and for Larry’s many friends.  The Larry Era ended and we are now in the Post-Larry epic.

I lived with my beloved Larry from 1977 to 2012.  That’s 35 years. And now I truly know what it means to feel that a “deceased” loved one can be present in spirit. It is not easy to explain. But when I look into the sky, I can see him there. When I walk in the woods, memories rush back of our walks, and he is there too. When I hear a song that he loved or played on the piano, there he is again. When I look at the picture of the root cellar on the header of this page….nostalgia roars in like the surf, because we lived in that root cellar for six years……

Some would assign these moments to mere memory.  But the memory, if it is one, lives in the present, feels timeless and eternal, and spreads itself out upon the whole universe. I sense this intensely.

Gratefully too, the differences and disagreements and disgruntlements we had between us have been amazingly and happily washed away by the overwhelming sensation of grace and love that Larry’s spirit conveys when he visits.

He was a man of tremendous faith.  He actually read the Bible 37 times. Once a year, page by page, for thirty seven years! He always dreamed of visiting the Holy Lands and his wish came true a year and a half before he departed this earth. So I am not at all surprised that I am not “haunted” by any guilt associated with any ugliness I may have demonstrated in my years with him. So if I was not the most perfect wife (which I was not)…he’s let me know, “let it go!”

I could go on and on about how I know that Larry lives on; how I am sure he’s alive in an  another realm characterized by LOVE and I look forward to the day when I will join him there.  But for now, there is more for me to do on this earth, even if it is “After the End of the World.”



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Feed the fires or do the Tao

Political and economic strife has a way of lifting its ugly head and breathing fire, like a wicked dragon. So it was 25 centuries ago when Lao Tzu wrote these verses in the Tao Te Ching:

The great Way is easy,

yet people prefer the side paths.

Be aware when things are out of balance.

Stay centered within the Tao.

When rich speculators prosper

While farmers lose their land;

when government officials spend money

on weapons instead of cures;

when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible

while the poor have nowhere to turn-

all this is robbery and chaos.

It is not in keeping with the Tao.

What brilliance of observation! What clarity of thought and word!

I attended Princeton University.  The library there is colossal. It’s three stories high and three stories extend into the bowels of the earth, all filled with books.  Sometimes I would wander through the “stacks” and consider:  “All these books.  All this wisdom. And what progress have we made toward solving the basic problems of humankind?”

It’s tempting to see conditions in the world today as a “cup half empty.” And to say that all those books have done little good. But indeed.  To entertain a thought like that is not “to stay centered in the Tao.” For while there may be robbery and chaos upon the land, my thoughts, as they radiate out into the ethers, are either fuel for the dragon’s fire, or a balm that heals the burns.

There’s a page in a local daily newspaper called “30 Seconds.” People can email or call a phone line and talk for 30 seconds. Most people use it to vent and to spout nastiness. When I read it, I am ashamed and embarrassed for humanity; and fear there is no hope.  If I don’t watch myself, again, I find myself tempted to look at the cup half empty…and fall into a state of depressed resignation.

But no.  This is not staying “centered in the Tao.” The dragon breathes fire from all quarters; from the terrorist’s suicide bomb and from the mouths of the agitated, struggling Everyman. Either I can join the fray or lay low, in serenity, in the Tao.

The Tao is the Great Way; the Great Mystery; the Cosmic Christ; Nuwati, Medicine; the Source. Serenity and the power to balance, to bring harmony and to heal are the attributes of all of these. I bow with appreciation to the Source that grants me this wisdom.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said:  “Do the Tao.”  Sounds good to me!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Of Pat Downs, UFOs and Dragons

Welcome a Travelog on the Road to Understanding Wellness and Spirituality

Today:  Of Pat Downs, UFOs and Dragons (posted several days after the fact)

I was in the air much of the day and in airports the rest of the time. Now I’m settled in a hotel room in Phoenix, looking forward to the big UFO Conference that begins tomorrow at noon.

People have been in an uproar about the “invasive and humiliating pat-downs” that are performed by security agents. But since I have an artificial hip, I’ve ALWAYS set off the metal detector; so I have been having to deal with pat-downs from the get-go. No problem. I don’t remember an incident in which the agent was at all disrespectful. Funny thing. Today I did not set it off. Maybe they turned down the metal-o-meter.  OR, what I like to imagine–my metal hip has transmuted into an organic, biological hip since I was last in an airport.

The fact is, I am just so thrilled to be flying somewhere, going on a trip and a new adventure, I can easily tolerate this slight inconvenience and think little of it.

Waiting through a five hour lay-over in Newark was a great pleasure. It is so, so rare that I have five hours just to sit and read a book. It was absolutely delightful. My life is full of lots and lots of little chores as I care for my parents and their home. It’s kinda endless. Reading is a luxury that I crave.

Perhaps the greatest delight of the flight was the passenger who sat next to me, a 14 year old young lady from Massachusetts. Soon after we took off from Newark, she took out a large sketch pad and a complex black and white sketch of a dragon and proceeded to duplicate it with all the shading nuances included. I was VERY impressed.

In the meantime, I was quite absorbed in reading a book titled UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity: Being the True Story of a Contactee and His Encounter With Intelligent Beings. It’s a fascinating story about a man in South America who, during the 1970’s, voluntarily takes several rides in a variety of extraterrestrial crafts crewed by ET’s from a variety of locations, including the Pleiades’s, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. While the man was touring one of the crafts, he describes a picture on the wall of—and here’s synchronicity at its finest–a DRAGON! I took this as a “sign.” It couldn’t be just a random “accident,” this dragon theme. I turned my head to the girl and struck up a conversation. She was instantly friendly. I recounted to her some of my understandings of dragons gleaned through my association with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and my own various exposures in my wide-ranging spiritual studies. I spoke to her, for instance, of St. George and the Dragon, and the Archangel Michael and the dragon. We branched off on many tangents as well.  I was quite struck by the young lady’s mature and independent thinking in regard to spirituality. It was so very refreshing. And she too was genuinely happy to have make the acquaintance of someone who enjoyed exploring the outer fringes of the universe, including dragons.

An awesome start!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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Preparing for Take-off to UFO Territory

Countdown to the International UFO Conference in Phoenix, Arizona….packing bags and sorting papers. Weather looks like its going to cooperate though I had concerns as I am flying out of central PA tomorrow.  We had about six inches of snow last night and only 24 hours ago, more was predicted for tonight. But the weather pattern has changed. I didn’t think the Ancients, the cloud people, would let me down.  Not for this big event.  I’ll be meeting Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha there.  What a joy!

I’m heading a committee that’s planning it’s own UFO conference called the Arizona UFO Sightings First Annual Kingman, AZ Conference, May 6-9, 2011.  Check So, we’ll be scouting out the Phoenix event and brewing plans.

Look for reports here about the Phoenix event and our’s here at

Bon Voyage,

Elizabeth/Spring Frog/Du’Tsu

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Flip a Stone to Decide–All Ends in Beauty

Pray:  All Ends in Beauty.  Everything Ends in Beauty……..

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Ever have a problem making decisions? We all have our techniques. I flip a stone.

I have a little flat round stone whom I consult. It’s about the size of a fifty cent piece and I made a black dot on one side, although I can tell the two sides apart. I keep the stone in a blue leather pouch in a top drawer.  Sometimes when I flip the stone I say to the universe: “I will abide” to the decision of the stone. Other times, I reserve the right to do the opposite.  But I like to ask the stone what it has to say.

When I don’t like the answer,  or want the answer reinforced, sometimes I say “Two out of three.”

Very often I have an instant reaction to what the stone suggests.  This reaction enables me to know what I am really wanting or not wanting to do.  Sometimes when I am trying to decide, I come to the conclusion that either way will work, so why fret?  And the stone decides.

It’s easier to use the stone’s advice with small decisions, of course.  But sometimes these seem to me to be the thorniest.  Like what to wear somewhere or what to pack in a suitcase.  I find packing to be a chore.  Once I used the stone to handle the entire wardrobe question for a trip and it turned out remarkably  well.

My husband inadvertently trained me in this technique.  He is as casual as they come.  One of his fundamental philosophies is “It doesn’t matter.”  This took a long time getting used to. Of course things matter!  It used to really BOTHER me when he made this assertion.  But there came a time that I realized that the worst thing that could happen with a “wrong” answer was that I would learn a lesson of some sort.  And a lesson can–more often than not–be a thing of beauty. Indeed, in the cosmic scheme, the Taoist way of seeing things, there are no “wrong” answers.

Why not a coin? Stones are the oldest among us.  They are not manmade and have an energy of “The Oldest Among Us.” Metal has an electromagnetism entirely different from a stone and  likely has been in many other hands.  I’ve had my stone now for years and its likely that no other human hands have ever touched it.  It has MY energy on it.  It’s a medicine stone, a Nuwati stone

Fortunately, intuition and reason also inform me when its time to make a decision. But the stone is my little friend that helps me dialog with myself and the universe.

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Pale blue light enhances Wellness and Spirituality

Pale blue light is always the light that I use for healing purposes. Here’s a technique using pale blue light for creating Wellness and enhancing  Spirituality.

In meditation this morning, I performed, as usual, a technique taught by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha that is part of what she calls “Spider Mother’s Medicines.”  Standing, we hold our hands above our heads in a large “V” and imagine a funnel of very pale blue light coming down from above. Then the hands are lowered and slowly, beginning with the top of the head, they are moved down and  around all parts of the body. The hands are held about two inches from the body, and you pass them over your head– back and front–over your face, your neck, your back (as far as you can reach), your chest; down your left arm, over the top to the hand and back up the arm, underneath; down your right arm to the hand and back; over your heart area down over your torso; hips, pelvis, buttocks. You do each leg separately, down to and including the feet.

Be careful not to actually touch the body or one hand to the other.

While going over the entire body very, very slowly like this, one imagines a spider web- like grid of pale blue healing sparkling light intermingling with the cells of each body part. Some times I name them as I move along–saying, “in the skin cells, in the bone cells, in the nerve cells, in the muscle cells” and/ or “in the brain,…… the eyes,…… in the heart,….. in the liver,…… in the intestines”….and so on.

This is a powerful means to refresh the cells with the restorative force of the energy frequency of the blue light.

This practice is done in slow motion so one has plenty of time to imagine the spider web grid in the body parts and other things as well.  Like the happiness of each cell in the body. How often do we take time to thank these thousands of tiny living, individual units that play such a significant role in our lives?  Giving them attention and appreciation is to energize them further…And acknowledging the organs of the body as you move is also a worthwhile practice. We want the body to cooperate with the fulfilling of our destiny. Spend some time with her!

This is the blue light that I associate with the throat chakra and the Divine Will. It is the first level of wholeness, Grandmother has said, “above” the fragmented material plane.

I also imagine that I have an entirely pale blue body of light, much larger than my physical body.  I do this not only during this practice, but also when it occurs to me to do so during the day.  One thing I notice is that when I imagine this blue body during the day, I am prompted to stand taller.  I have had “posture” issues and its funny how this blue light image straightens my spine.

Yes, the practice takes time.  But spiritual development is all about taking time for meditative practices and cultivating focus. When Grandmother first taught it, she instructed us to do it three times a day.  If you are serious about your Wellness and Spirituality, you will have to make the time for this or other healing techniques!

Heal thyself,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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