Chuen-My Sister, the Monkey

Tzolk’in Date: 4 Chuen.  Ruler is Blue. Blocker is White. Gatekeeper is Venus.

 Meaning or common usage: Monkey – the great craftsman, patron of arts and knowledge. Also thread.  

Associated Qualities: Innocence, childlike, inner child, humor, artistry, trickster, chaos, spontaneity, think outside the Box, clever, constructive solutions; breakdown of structures, patterns and beliefs; Letting go of what we thought we knew about a person or situation.

 “Funny stories are soul food…clean humor is salve for wounds.” …Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha 

My sister is a Monkey! Her sense of humor is always on the ready and her practical jokes are Legendary! I’d never thought to enter her birthday in the Tzolk’in calendar calculator until I read a new description today of Chuen and it mentioned practical jokes.  I thought, “Hey, that sounds like my sister!” Checked it out and it was!!! LOL

Let me give you a simple, recent example. She works in a hospital setting, in a sleep apnea clinic. One evening in an office near hers, a doctor was working late. She knew it and was prepared.  She hobbled in with only a sock on one of her feet. 

She said:  “Oh Dr. F. I know you’re not a foot doctor.  But my foot is killing me. Could you please take a look?”  ”Oh sure, J,” he said, “I’d be glad to. Sit right down here.”  He cupped his hands and motioned for her to put her foot into them.�
“I don’t know what it is” she said.  “Maybe a corn or something.”
When the doctor removed her sock, very carefully so as not to hurt her foot, there he saw a piece of candy corn taped to her big toe!  Of course, he just broke up.
Hahahahahahah!  “I have always heard of your practical jokes….and now I have experienced one!  You have made my day!” he exclaimed.

“Do you think it’s a corn then? “ J deadpanned.
“Yes, it’s a corn,” the doctor said still laughing.
“Then do you think I should just gnaw it off?” she continued.
“Yes,” he said.  “Just gnaw it of!”

Believe me.  This is one of my sister’s simpler practical jokes.  Throughout the years, she’s done some doozies, and whenever we gather at big family meals, we love to hear her recount them.

But she is not just an Artiste of practical jokes.  She can tell jokes artfully without butchering them…like yours truly.  She can mimic people and describe an incident that may not even seem funny to most people and make it hilarious.  And she can diffuse a serious situation or brewing confrontations with a sweep of her clever tongue. I’ve always thought she should have been a stand-up comic! My gosh.  That girl is a Classic Chuen and it’s been a treat to have her as a sister! 

My sister could have said what Maya Angelou said about herself: My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that’s walked, A song that’s spoke, I laugh so hard I almost choke, When I think about myself
Gosh, maybe Maya is a Chuen too!  I’ll have to check it out. In the meantime,

Have a good laugh,

Elizabeth,/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog


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