Men-Soaring toward the Spirit of Truth

When we open ourselves to Truth, we are liberated!…Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

 Tzolk’in Date: 8 MEN-Ruler is Blue. Blocker is Red. Gatekeeper is Saturn.

 Meaning or common usage: Eagle, the wise one, bird, moon, cobweb

 Associated Qualities: Truth, soaring beyond confinement, hope, commitment, dreams and visions, planetary mind, clear light of conscious thought, clarity, discernment, wisdom, high aspirations

Today is Men, the day sign which is portrayed by the Eagle, the great bird that can soar closest to the sun and spot with uncanny power, the tiny mouse creeping upon the ground. Men speaks of great vision, of truth, of clarity.

Our politicians sing praises to truth. But they hire “spin doctors” to present their version of the truth.  And we, the People, do not trust them, calling them liars.  But are they liars or do they simply “SEE” things differently than we do? What is the Truth?

 Is the “Truth”—“all how you look at it?” The blind man who grabs hold of the elephant’s trunk will perceive an entirely different beast than the blind man who grabs it’s ear or its tail or its toenail.  The wise man can “see” the truth from every degree on a 360 degree circle. 

Nowadays, commercial interests pay enormously big bucks to convince us, the People, that THEIR product is a NECESSITY for our daily happiness. Do you NEED a new car to be happy or an antacid so you can overeat?  Then  I suppose, many commercials speak the truth. They’ve got so many of the People wrapped around their little finger (to put it nicely), believing what they say.  Must be a grain of Truth in there somewhere!

Truth can be presented according to the letter of the law, or the spirit of the law. Lawyers can manipulate the Truth for their own purposes and easily confuse the issue with obscurations and artful dodging…ala Bill Clinton’s: “It depends on how you define, “is.” Do such antics speak to the heart of the matter? Is this true integrity? Who or what has been served?

The Dalai Lama once said that “In Buddhism we have relative truth and absolute truth.” My God, the man is honest!!!  Praise the Lord!  This is integrity.  There are people we CAN trust and DO wish to serve the People!

We know the Speakers of Truth by their fruits!

Once when I had newly joined the Circle created by Grandmother Parisha and we were preparing to do ceremony, I attached an eagle feather in my hair.  When Grandmother saw it, she asked me to remove it, stating that I had not yet earned the honor to wear it. But I am now happy to say some 15 years later, I have earned the right to wear the Eagle feather. This was a wake up call for me long ago.  To be a person of honor and integrity is certainly a worthy goal!

The Eagle, a symbol of  Vision, Clarity and Truth, is our “national bird” and has been held sacred or been highly honored by cultures around the world down through time. Men is a good day to reflect upon our own version of the Truth.  Do we lie to ourselves?  Are we in denial of the Truth? Do we dodge the Truth?

In my book, The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is….As Sacred As 1,2,3, I speak about Treowth as opposed to “Truth.” “Treowth” harkens back to the etymological roots of the world “truth.”  It is derived from the same word as “betrothed” as when two people make a commitment to marry each other. Looking upon truth as a commitment of the heart can restore integrity, honor and responsibility to human culture. What ideas can we commit to and remain honorable? What “version” of the truth allows us to remain in integrity?  What visions are worthy of the Eagle in each of us? These we must embrace with our hearts and souls.

Seeking the Spirit of Truth,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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