“All forms of life are alien to Mother Earth. She is a blank field of pure energy we cast onto.” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.

I know its Valentines day but I’d rather talk about aliens. After all, aliens are US!

I’m attending the International UFO Conference in Phoenix, AZ next week. Understanding the ET phenomena is vital for the human race and I am going to check up on what the buzz is on the frontlines.

My teacher, the Venerable Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, has relentlessly taught her students that we, as human beings, are first and foremost, energy beings. We are most definitely not, in essence, “material” beings. That’s an illusion; a game we play with ourselves and too many of us “sit in apathy” within this illusion.

During a Sun Ceremony teaching several years ago she offered this perspective on “aliens” and more:

“We are in Earth Change. It is beginning its escalation daily. It does not matter if you believe it or not, it is like reincarnation. It just is. There are battles happening on many unseen levels of Matter, Energy, Space and Time. There are many life forces that threaten our world as you so easily sit in apathy about it. All forms of life are alien to Mother Earth. She is a blank field of pure energy we cast onto.”

The human Spirit is a powerful force that “casts,” as it were, a multi-dimensional projection upon the “blank field” of energy we call Earth! I personally believe that as such, my Spirit originates in the Pleiades constellation. That would make me an “alien”–wouldn’t it?   Spirits come from across the universe to be here.  Its that simple.  Some are not interested in taking the human baby/human reincarnation route like you and I have done.  Some “visit” by other means. But indeed, Earth has always been of prime interest to beings from every quarter of the universe….and is now, more than ever.  Make no mistake about it.

After the human sojourn in deep, dense materiality, the devoted human being–which hails from many quarters of the universe–will emerge to become ethereal Spirits of Love and Personality. This change is bearing down upon us. We will grow by pushing the envelope of what we understand to be real and possible. One day, as ethereal beings, we will all walk through walls….that will be just one simple new trick of many. More significantly, we will “see” all manner of beings–unlike ourselves– that are hidden to us now.How are we going to feel about  and relate to them?  That’s a BIG important question.  So I am taking my life in hand, going out to Phoenix to explore, to understand who the many beings are that are knocking at our Earthly doors. Yes, I’m an alien. We all are. I’m preparing to meet Others.

Happy Valentines Day!

You are blessed and Loved, surrounded by potential and a


Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog