“Your stillness allows all life around you to grow.  Listen…there deep inside you are subtly aware of movement…softly it comes.”…Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

I can’t say enough about silence.  Ha Ha….isn’t that a paradox!  But truly, silence works for me.

When I was a child, my father would take me and my sisters into the woods for Sunday afternoon “camping”–we called it.  We found a nice secluded spot, built a little fire circle and  roasted hotdogs…we were trespassing but we never thought about that.  (Times have changed.)  To us, the woods around our home in central Pennsylvania belonged to everyone.

As we walked to our little campsite,  rustling through the undergrowth, playful and chattering, my father would suddenly speak, saying: “Stop! Listen!” We followed orders. The mood changed  to one of expectation. Of waiting.  Almost breathless. To see what quiet things would make themselves known to us.

So now, 50 years later, I go into the forest of my soul and stop and listen and wait….in silence. It’s the same….waiting for quiet things to make themselves known.

“Inner silence promotes clarity of mind; It make us value the inner world; It trains us to go inside To the source of peace and inspiration When we are faced with problems and challenges.”  Deepak Chopra


Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog