Life is a field of unlimited possibilities….. Deepak Choprah.

Went into meditation today feeling “need.”  Like there is a lack of this certain something in my life which will go un-named.  We all feel “needs” of one kind or another and have to deal with them. So I looked around in the silent forest of my soul and what should emerge but the phrase “unlimited possibilities.”  UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES!  Wow! What does that mean?  What DOESN’T it mean?  No NEED need go unanswered! No “WANT” –no “LACK”– is necessary in this universe because we live in a realm of unlimited possibilities!

For the next ten minutes, the words “unlimited possibilities” became my mantra.  I scoped it out.  Felt it out. Viewed it from all sides and imagined ALL the very BEST possibilities that could rid me of that NEED that I felt. Over and over I rolled the words in my mind. No loopholes. No if’s, and’s or buts! No exceptions to the rule.  No obstacles. Unlimited potential. Boundless possibilities! What a thought! What a mind-blowing, joy creating thought!  What an empowering relief!

Unlimited possibilities.  If only I could FEEL that every moment of the day! Unlimited possibilities! My mind child says sardonically, cynically: “Well, thats all well and good as a philosophy.  But when it comes to reality, it doesn’t apply to YOUR life!”

Now you behave, mind-child!  You KNOW as well as I do that it’s true!  You just like to act up, have control and be a smarty pants and you are cynical as all get out…mimicking the culture you grew up in!  Cause its true and you know it!  We live in a quantum universe of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES.  No want.  You talk like that, little mind child, because “Want” is a creation of the ancient sense of deprivation that lies deep in the genetic coding from centuries of life lived at the edge of  survival, material challenges, victimhood. We are convinced that there is no way out of “need” because “NEED” has so long been the history of the human being.

When we open ourselves to the truth, we are liberated!….Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Break away, Oh Mind! Break away, Oh Heart!  Break away from that false paradigm of NEED.  Break away from the false illusion of  limitations. Fly free. Fly free. Fly free! OPEN to the REAL universe, the field of dreams, the field of unbounded Self, the vast play land of unlimited potential!

Try it. You’ll like it!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog