Pale blue light is always the light that I use for healing purposes. Here’s a technique using pale blue light for creating Wellness and enhancing  Spirituality.

In meditation this morning, I performed, as usual, a technique taught by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha that is part of what she calls “Spider Mother’s Medicines.”  Standing, we hold our hands above our heads in a large “V” and imagine a funnel of very pale blue light coming down from above. Then the hands are lowered and slowly, beginning with the top of the head, they are moved down and  around all parts of the body. The hands are held about two inches from the body, and you pass them over your head– back and front–over your face, your neck, your back (as far as you can reach), your chest; down your left arm, over the top to the hand and back up the arm, underneath; down your right arm to the hand and back; over your heart area down over your torso; hips, pelvis, buttocks. You do each leg separately, down to and including the feet.

Be careful not to actually touch the body or one hand to the other.

While going over the entire body very, very slowly like this, one imagines a spider web- like grid of pale blue healing sparkling light intermingling with the cells of each body part. Some times I name them as I move along–saying, “in the skin cells, in the bone cells, in the nerve cells, in the muscle cells” and/ or “in the brain,…… the eyes,…… in the heart,….. in the liver,…… in the intestines”….and so on.

This is a powerful means to refresh the cells with the restorative force of the energy frequency of the blue light.

This practice is done in slow motion so one has plenty of time to imagine the spider web grid in the body parts and other things as well.  Like the happiness of each cell in the body. How often do we take time to thank these thousands of tiny living, individual units that play such a significant role in our lives?  Giving them attention and appreciation is to energize them further…And acknowledging the organs of the body as you move is also a worthwhile practice. We want the body to cooperate with the fulfilling of our destiny. Spend some time with her!

This is the blue light that I associate with the throat chakra and the Divine Will. It is the first level of wholeness, Grandmother has said, “above” the fragmented material plane.

I also imagine that I have an entirely pale blue body of light, much larger than my physical body.  I do this not only during this practice, but also when it occurs to me to do so during the day.  One thing I notice is that when I imagine this blue body during the day, I am prompted to stand taller.  I have had “posture” issues and its funny how this blue light image straightens my spine.

Yes, the practice takes time.  But spiritual development is all about taking time for meditative practices and cultivating focus. When Grandmother first taught it, she instructed us to do it three times a day.  If you are serious about your Wellness and Spirituality, you will have to make the time for this or other healing techniques!

Heal thyself,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog