Countdown to the International UFO Conference in Phoenix, Arizona….packing bags and sorting papers. Weather looks like its going to cooperate though I had concerns as I am flying out of central PA tomorrow.  We had about six inches of snow last night and only 24 hours ago, more was predicted for tonight. But the weather pattern has changed. I didn’t think the Ancients, the cloud people, would let me down.  Not for this big event.  I’ll be meeting Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha there.  What a joy!

I’m heading a committee that’s planning it’s own UFO conference called the Arizona UFO Sightings First Annual Kingman, AZ Conference, May 6-9, 2011.  Check So, we’ll be scouting out the Phoenix event and brewing plans.

Look for reports here about the Phoenix event and our’s here at

Bon Voyage,

Elizabeth/Spring Frog/Du’Tsu