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Today:  Of Pat Downs, UFOs and Dragons (posted several days after the fact)

I was in the air much of the day and in airports the rest of the time. Now I’m settled in a hotel room in Phoenix, looking forward to the big UFO Conference that begins tomorrow at noon.

People have been in an uproar about the “invasive and humiliating pat-downs” that are performed by security agents. But since I have an artificial hip, I’ve ALWAYS set off the metal detector; so I have been having to deal with pat-downs from the get-go. No problem. I don’t remember an incident in which the agent was at all disrespectful. Funny thing. Today I did not set it off. Maybe they turned down the metal-o-meter.  OR, what I like to imagine–my metal hip has transmuted into an organic, biological hip since I was last in an airport.

The fact is, I am just so thrilled to be flying somewhere, going on a trip and a new adventure, I can easily tolerate this slight inconvenience and think little of it.

Waiting through a five hour lay-over in Newark was a great pleasure. It is so, so rare that I have five hours just to sit and read a book. It was absolutely delightful. My life is full of lots and lots of little chores as I care for my parents and their home. It’s kinda endless. Reading is a luxury that I crave.

Perhaps the greatest delight of the flight was the passenger who sat next to me, a 14 year old young lady from Massachusetts. Soon after we took off from Newark, she took out a large sketch pad and a complex black and white sketch of a dragon and proceeded to duplicate it with all the shading nuances included. I was VERY impressed.

In the meantime, I was quite absorbed in reading a book titled UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity: Being the True Story of a Contactee and His Encounter With Intelligent Beings. It’s a fascinating story about a man in South America who, during the 1970’s, voluntarily takes several rides in a variety of extraterrestrial crafts crewed by ET’s from a variety of locations, including the Pleiades’s, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. While the man was touring one of the crafts, he describes a picture on the wall of—and here’s synchronicity at its finest–a DRAGON! I took this as a “sign.” It couldn’t be just a random “accident,” this dragon theme. I turned my head to the girl and struck up a conversation. She was instantly friendly. I recounted to her some of my understandings of dragons gleaned through my association with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha and my own various exposures in my wide-ranging spiritual studies. I spoke to her, for instance, of St. George and the Dragon, and the Archangel Michael and the dragon. We branched off on many tangents as well.  I was quite struck by the young lady’s mature and independent thinking in regard to spirituality. It was so very refreshing. And she too was genuinely happy to have make the acquaintance of someone who enjoyed exploring the outer fringes of the universe, including dragons.

An awesome start!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog