Intertwining Wellness and Spirituality:  

Many Lives, Many Masters

Ever wonder if reincarnation is a valid phenomenon? Ever wonder if your past lives might be having a bearing on your wellness today? A wonderful book that makes a tight, articulate case for reincarnation and it’s effect on psychic well-being (and ultimately on one’s overall health) was published in 1988 by Brian L. Weis, MD.  Titled Many Lives, Many Masters, it’s certainly a classic in its field. In fact, if it were in my power, I’d make it required reading for everyone who ventures into the art and/or science of healing.

First of all, Dr. Weis has sterling credentials. A magna cum laude graduate of Columbia University with a medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, he served an internshp at New York University’s Bellevue Medical Center and went on to become chief resident, Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine. He was chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida and later Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry there. It was indeed risky, in 1988, to put his illustrious career on the line and publish a book on past life regression.

Weis’s book describes the fascinating case of “Catherine” who suffered from a slew of anxieties from nightmares to anxiety attacks. Under hypnosis, she surprised Dr. Weiss, a traditional psychotherapist, by describing past lives in realistic detail that had occurred over a span of several thousand years. Though astonished and skeptical, Weiss was able to confirm some elements of Catherine’s stories through public records. But additionally, while channeling messages from “the space between lives” and “Masters” who comforted and guided discarnate humans, she was able to tell him facts regarding his own family and the death of a son that she could never have known.

Kudos to Dr. Weiss for having the courage of his convictions in publishing this first work and continuing to pursue this field of inquiry.  If you’re looking for an excellent, convincing read on reincarnation, read Many Lives, Many Masters.