CHANGE is the name of the cosmic game! A frog begins life as a tadpole–a fish-like creature– and as it grows it transforms into a four legged hopper that bears little resemblance to a fish. A butterfly experiences much the same, right? It’s life cycle includes an amazing transformation!

If there is anything we can be sure about in life, it is CHANGE! Call it what you will…transformation, metamorphosis, evolution…they are all variations on a similar theme.

And of course, there is that wonderful belief system that describes how humans evolve on a cosmic level– called reincarnation. The Hindus are famous for their scholarly history that thoroughly embraces and describes the idea that the human spirit or soul (depending on your definition) has repeated lives on earth until they finally reach a highly evolved state of virtue. Then, (if they so choose) this human spiritual entity can go on to another life somewhere out there in the endless cosmos (to learn and grow further) or perhaps just hang united with the One That Is In All Things for an eon or two.

Meanwhile, back on EARTH….on our beloved planet, Ela, …humans go through singular, individual lives and deaths. One day Joe’s here, the next day she bites the bullet! If we are lucky, we die painlessly in our sleep. However we go….its Change on the grandest of scales!

OH! But there is something else that IS GRANDER? Yes, No?

Yes! There is Planetary Transformation when the mass of humanity passes through a major period of Change. Buck up my dear Froggyites! THAT is where we are NOW! Make no mistake about it.