Spartan Gruel–Nom, nom, nom

“Spartan Gruel”–How does that sound for the name of a new breakfast cereal?  HAHAHA.  Not too good, I suppose, unless you are a fanatic fan of the  film, 300, and you want abs like Gerard Butler…or a boyfriend.

But diet is, of course, a fundamental factor in maintaining wellness. And in regard to the broad spiritual dimension of your life– if you’re not eating in a manner which you consider healthy, the negative thoughts you’ll likely be having can constitute a double-whammy as you sabatage not just your physical body but your psyche, your self-image, self-respect and overall wholeness. Wellness and spirituality are intimately intertwined!

Spartan Gruel is a name I chose for a breakfast dish that I devised with three things in mind: economy, taste and rich, nutritional value. I don’t know how well I succeeded in the economy department because several of the ingredients are not cheap. On the other hand, these are used sparingly. I’m keen on protein for breakfast and cool on carbs in general.
This is not necessarily a weight loss food but it might work for some. I have found that it “sticks with me” for a long time–so I feel like I need to eat less in general. But I look at it more as a health and weight maintenance food.

And if you exercise regularly and you want a meal to pack a more powerful nutritional punch, you may find that Spartan Gruel is ideal for you.

Here’s the recipe. You can mix and match with yogurt instead of tofu and the quantities are not to be considered gospel:

3-4 oz. mashed tofu
2-3 T soaked chia seeds
2-3 T. almond butter (or some other nut butter or sunflower seed butter)
Stevia to taste
Agave nectar if you like
Almond or soy milk

Mash, mix, create the consistancy that appeals to you and enjoy!

Stevia is one of  Spartan Gruel’s prime ingredients and I can not sing the virtues of stevia loudly or vigorously enough. It’s the ideal no-cal sweetner and if you have not cultivated it’s use, I urge you to do so, especially if you have weight issues or a sweet tooth that needs to be controlled.  There is plenty to be found online about Stevia and if you need more convincing, go read about it. I’m sold.

Chia is another prime ingredient.  If you aren’t familiar with it…think of the “chia pets” that have been sold for the past decade.  I saw an Obama chia head in the drug store the other day.  But chia is not a laughing matter.  It is a fabled food in the native southwest. Salvia hispanica, or chia, is eaten by the famed long distant running culture, the Tarahumara of the Copper Canyon in Mexico. The Tarahumara are featured in the best seller, Born to Run, which is a great read! According to Dr. Andrew Weil, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine founder, chia was a basic survival ration for Aztec warriors.

As a rule, Chia is soaked in water before it is used.  Our bodies are 70% water and chia is the ultimate hydrator. I think that’s what appeals to me most about chia.

Almonds are my nut of choice for both taste and nutritional impact. Once again, you can google the nutritional info.  I am just giving you my vote.

You are your own guinea pig when it comes to nom, nom, nomming your way to an optimum state of wellness and spirituality. That is to say–You alone choose what goes into your mouth so why not be creative and discover exactly what works for your unique individuality. Forget the latest fad diet. Improvise and be an honest, hard driving warrior of the Spartan ilk to champion your own well being.

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