The Wholesome Egg

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Food. Don’t you just love it! Heck. In a blog about wellness and spirituality, we could talk endlessly about how powerfully our attitudes about the food we eat influence our spiritual well-being—not to mention the vast ramifications food has in terms of biological wellness. But let’s keep it simple.  Let’s talk about that divine little beauty, the egg.

I raised chickens when I lived in the root cellar….you can see the root cellar in the picture above, taken many years after we’d moved out.

We hauled a crate of Rhode Island Reds inside a little camper trailer that we hauled with an El Camino down to West Virginia from Pennsylvania in 1979. After beating back the jungle vegetation, we resurrected a chicken shed out of a decrepit pony shed and gave our feathered girls a home.  My husband had grown up on a farm so he was the chicken expert.

We lived on a shoe string when we put down stakes there in that West Virginia “holler.” But we were starry eyed with love and idealism and we had eggs!  When those ladies started laying, we whooped it up like all get out! Our spirits soared. We had a delicious home grown protein source!!!

Eggs are so under-appreciated. But not by me. In my mind, eggs are little miracles. Hens, down through the eons, have given their unborn babies to us….how many billions of times over?

When you eat an egg, you are eating an embryo.  In this sense, it still has the quality of a new beginning, of unformed promise and potential. I’ve heard it said that to eat eggs is to give the body and spirit a kind of raw material that has not had an identity stamped upon it…something after the manner of stem cells.  Hence, your body can utilize the egg’s substance to stamp your own identity upon it. Therefore, eggs can help you become the Person you came to Earth to be!

Raising chickens became more of a challenge when we moved out of the hollow and up onto the hillside.  Because we were farther away from the chicken shed, it was harder to protect the chickens from critters such as possums and weasels and foxes….and even our own dogs!  Eventually, knowing we would have to spend several hundred dollars on building a critter proof shed and critter proof fence….not to mention continuing to buy feed…we opted for the more cost-effective alternative—store bought eggs.

But one day, for a poetry group I belonged to, I was inspired to write, The Wholesome Egg.

The Wholesome Egg

Yolks so deep yellow,
You can see the digested insects only one step removed
As your own chicken’s egg lays cracked in a pan,
An expensive egg, undeniably,
(tally time, chicken wire, electric fence and feeds)
Alas still compromised in this inevitably tainted world—
(who knows what “they” put in the feeds)?
But a step in the right direction,
home grown: a Real Egg,
Whose Mama is all day long rummaging upon the wild, leafy hillside;
Not some hormonally induced
Faux Egg of a quasi-chicken
who lives its pathetic “so-called” life under fluorescent lights
and who’s never basked in the sun or scratched the good earth.
No, A Real Egg, a muscular egg, a macho Egg, a Queen Egg!
Egg with a wholesome, healthy history.
I salute You!

Living with the chickens in the holler is now a fond, fond memory.  I miss that life, so close to the Earth; so close to Nature and the Source.  As my Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha would say, Be in Nature, stay in harmony with Nature, it is you.  Learn of Nature, then understand yourself. She is so right. Our wellness and spirituality depend upon our relationship with Nature.  The sooner humanity awakens to this fully, the sooner will come the Golden Age.

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