Why was This my Karma? Part I

Wellness + Spirituality=“Medicine”=Nuwati

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” Maya Angelou

My father was a “baby doctor,” a pediatrician in a large medical center. But when I went to college, he went through a phase of grand disillusionment with the profession, and once told me that “There are more and more sick people all the time.” Later, when I became a mother, I was not inclined to take my sons to see a doctor.  And in regard to my own health, I also avoided traditional medical treatments.

I grew up as a competitive swimmer and all-round athlete, playing field hockey, basketball and softball in high school. I took some pride in my fitness. But in my early twenties, I started having symptoms of arthritis in my left hip. I saw an orthopedic surgeon but aspirin was the one and only treatment he had to offer. Oh…my pain came on only occasionally in those days and I’d gone to the doctor mostly out of curiosity.

The years rolled by. I lived a physically rigorous life on my homestead, keeping up with my strong, six foot tall husband. (I’m 5′ 4″) One time, while I was asleep, my left hip fell out of joint! Can you imagine?  It slipped back by accident–after about a half hour of agony wondering what to do and what had happened–when I swatted at a fly on my leg! Very, very slowly the hip deteriorated. In 1990 I was told I was a candidate for a hip replacement. I resisted and put it off. I wanted to heal with non-traditional, “natural” healing modalities. But in 1997, after giving birth to sons in 1986 and 1988  and desperate to be rid of the stiffness and pain, I had a hip replacement.

I used to wrack my brain, wondering WHY ?  WHY couldn’t I heal myself?  WHY couldn’t I BE healed by some higher power? Or WHY couldn’t I find a natural treatment that healed me? WHY was I experiencing this problem? WHY was THIS MY KARMA???

In 1994, I met my teacher, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.  She’s part of this story too…..

Stay tuned until tomorrow when you’ll find out…..WHY this WAS MY KARMA!

Elizabeth Richie/Du’Tsu

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