Lesson of the Holy Wars

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Lesson of the Holy Wars

New Age versus Old Time Religion. Evolution versus Creation. Left versus Right. When are these devilish dichotomies–the Holy Wars– just going to wake up and die right?

My father briefly tuned in to a preacher on TV last night. The preacher had clumped together a certain faction of people and labeled them. Now he was out to prove how wrong they were, using the Bible. But my father switched the channel long before the preacher had his chance. I was relieved.

I understand where the preacher is coming from. My husband used to declare how alienating my missionary zeal was. There came a point in our relationship where we had to stop having spiritual discussions. They drove a wedge between us and it was painful. We had a personal little Holy War that was all our own. Lucky us!

It taught me a lesson. We know people by their fruits. I’m a good person. I do mostly good things. My husband is a good person. He does mostly good things. God is Love. Those that dwell in Love, dwell in God and God in them. If something causes LOVE to be absent from a scenario, then God is no longer being served.

One of my life goals is to be able to say, with all certainty and sincerity, the same words as my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. “Love is all I know. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.” Maybe I could say that now, if it wasn’t for the occasional bouts I have with anger. I’m a work in progress.

There are righteous, worthy causes and varying ways to defend them. But far too often, Holy Wars are not waged by the righteous, but by the angry, the petty, the foolish, the ignorant.  The common soldier is far too often a pawn manipulated by the greedy, the power hungry.

Let Love prevail and be of good faith. As Maya Angelou says: “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it’s destination full of hope.” Love is not “pie in the sky.” It is humanity’s future.



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  1. Isaiah says:

    I agree that we should not start wars for the sake of hate, but sometimes we do have to fight because we love.

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