Discriminating Frog-Etznab

Tzolk’in Date: 10 Eztnab Ruler is White. Blocker is Green. Gatekeeper is Pluto.

Meaning or common usage: Flint, knife, obsidian

Associated Qualities: Discriminating emotion from fact, right from wrong, truth from falsehood, timelessness, clarity, hall of mirrors, spiritual warriorship

Just 20 days ago, I wrote a Wellness and Spirituality post for Etznab and now we have come full circle in the 20 day uinal (week) of the Mayan “long count” Tzolk’in calendar. Although we’ve come full circle, as I explained before, Etznab is not the first day of the cycle, but the 18th.  It’s just that I was inspired to begin writing about the Tzolk’in on Etznab.

I am drawn to this glyph and what it represents.  Perhaps this is because my Medicine name is what it is: “Du’Tsu” (pronounced “Too-N-Twah)which means “Spring Frog.” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once explained to me that there was a kind of frog that lived in pure, wholesome mountain springs but stayed out of springs that were unfit to drink. A very discriminating frog indeed!  In a manner of speaking, this would be an Etznab frog. –preferring the purest of the pure.

“She has come to the People to Rebirth the Purity and Light in Mankind.  Her song comforts the spirit within.” These were the words that came with my name. And today, I’d like to share a song that I wrote about the Sun Ceremony with the hopes that it will comfort the Spirit within YOU!  And maybe you would like to come support the Ceremony this summer at Friendship Village!

Sun Ceremony

Joy thrills the heart, as we gather for Sun Ceremony,
To reflect the dance of the Nuwati divine,
We circle the arbor, like the planets in their courses,
As drummers beat the rhythms like the cycles of time.

Blessed are the hearts, that gather for Sun Ceremony
Their gift is the power to birth paradise.
Our spirits s
oar, like the flight of an Eagle,
assured that the next seven generations will thrive.

Our Elder calls out with the Voice of the Ancients,
Smile and gaze at the blue sky above.
The sun is a prime Source of Great Spirit’s blessing
And all of Creation, an Expression of Love.

Happy Etznab, Again,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Caban–Pa’Ris’Ha the Paradigm


Tzolk’in Date: 9 Caban-Ruler is Red. Blocker is Yellow. Gatekeeper is Neptune.

Meaning or common usage: Earthquake, earth force, season, thought, incense

Associated Qualities: Synchronicity, galactic alignment, Earth Keeper, in resonance with Mother Earth, meticulous, intelligent, introspective

Be in Nature, stay in harmony with Nature, it is you…Learn of Nature, then understand yourself.”…  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Are you in resonance with the Mother Earth? Caban is the day to give this some consideration.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha is the obvious example to me of the power and character of Caban. She has often shared thrilling and intriguing stories of her early life in the Appalachian mountains with her own grandmother. They traveled on foot over the ancient pathways, assisting the backwoods folks who had all manner of ailments. They used what they found in the mountains for their cures– everything from maggots to leeches to roots and wildflowers. They lived the “old ways,” honoring all the gifts of nature.  For instance, when her Grandmother sought a crystal, she went to a cave where she knew they were located and SAT until a crystal “did give-away,” when in its own good time, it dropped onto the ground from the cave wall.  She did not hack it off with a hammer or churn the ground with a bulldozer.

But Grandmother also went to the Himilayas and studied in a Buddhist monastery where no other woman had been permitted. As her http://www.parishaonline.com states: Pa’Ris’Ha has been acknowledged as a Tibetan reincarnation of TARA, a Bodhisattva Buddha, by Rinpoche Kalu and a Bhutanese Rinpoche, T’sering Wangdi. His Holiness of Bhutan ordered a Stupa built for her (symbol of enlightenment, these holy monuments are designed with deep symbolism and sacred geometry – Filled with Buddhist relics, and other holy objects, stupas emanate blessings and peace) and has declared her director of his Dharma Center in the U.S. The Dharma center is located at Friendship Village in east central Ohio.

Grandmother has also told stories of time spent living with the Hopi, undergoing shamanic initiations as well as simply sharing their lifestyle and their lives. One of the stories entailed being tucked into the shape of a “cannonball” in a hole in the ground capped with a rock for several weeks. Many people would consider this experience downright impossible.  But during that time Grandmother said she experienced a total ecstatic sense of being “at one” with the Mother Earth. Aho!

I’ll never forget what I saw during one of my first trips with Grandmother to the “homelands” of the Cherokee in North Carolina. We drove to a place in the forest where we could park our cars near a beautiful rushing stream. When Pa’Ris’Ha got out of her car, hundreds of butterflies surrounded her.  They didn’t flock around anyone else, though there were plenty of others there.  Only her.

She has taught us that in all of nature, in every tree and every cloud, in the winds, in tornadoes and lightening, and in the Mother herself, there is an intelligence with which we can communicate. I have no doubt it is true and I appreciate the times I’ve walked with Parisha and seen her practice this art of communication and its been amazing. She is a consummate Earth  Keeper. She is a paradigmatic representation of the virtues of Caban!  (But then…..I could probably say that about her in regard to every day of the Tzolk’in!)

Many folks have had times when they have felt as if they were truly in communion with Nature. May we all pursue this goal with ever more vigor! The goal is our destiny….to be Earth Keepers.

The Earth Mother is calling.

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Cib–Peace Eagle


Tzolk’in Date: 9 Cib-Ruler is Yellow. Blocker is Orange. Gatekeeper is Uranus.

Meaning or common usage: Owl, vulture, wax

Associated Qualities: wisdom of the ancients, inner voice, reception, mystic transmission, divine communication, cosmic consciousness, at-one-ment, movement from shadow to light, grace

The first spiritual law of success is the law of pure potentiality. This law is based on the fact that we are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity. Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence. Being infinite and unbounded, it is also pure joy. Other attributes of consciousness are pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, invincibility, simplicity, and bliss. This is our essential nature. Our essential nature is one of pure potentiality. …Deepak Chopra

Unlike the Eagle and the Owl, the vulture has a kind of “bad rap” within the social mindset.  After all, it’s a scavenger that lives off dead things.  When we hear the phrase, the “vultures are circling,” we think of a dying animal down below or that some helpless person is about to fall pray to unscrupulous forces.

But there’s another way to view the Vulture. By consuming the flesh of a dead animal, the spirit that’s bound to the flesh is ushered back into the spiritual realm. The vulture is actually in the business of freeing the Spirit from the ties of earthly, material limitations and sending a life-form back to its spiritual home to be reuninted with and restored to its original essence.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha explained to us once that animals that are killed by cars and lay on the road as “road kill,”  are, in a sense, trapped in that moment of time when the car slammed into it.  Unlike human’s who have self-consciousness over Time, apparently, animals do not.  They live continually in “The Now” and on earth there consciousness and their bodies are strongly tied. When hit by a car, an animal’s consciousness stays connected to the body until the body dissolves back into nature, the elements, the soil, the earth. Animals are instinctually and genetically accustomed to a death blow dealt by its natural predator.  Deep intuition permits a mode of consciousness that recognizes the bringer of death and release to the spirit realm is accepted more readily. But animals can not comprehend the car and its death blow, and remain with the body, suffering its death over and over, when other cars run over it as the body rots on the road. The vulture and other animals that eat carrion, assists these animals, releasing them from this earthly purgatory and bringing them Peace. Grandmother taught us to utilitze a bit of sign language and prayer to assist animals we see on the road to “ascend.” She has taught us to call the vulture a “Peace Eagle.”

Humanity’s callous insensitivity to the plight of  “road kill” is just one simple example of our ignorance of the nature of consciousness.  But the Time approaches when we must become and will become the Masters of Consciousness. Someday we will realize our ultimate Potential! As Parisha has said: “Oh Beloved. Free your mind, and your identification with the world of form! You are infinite!”

Cib, the Vulture,  reminds us, urges us, assists us to go forward in achieving cosmic consciousness, this state of pure potentiality, of at-one-ment with the Creator, the ultimate state of  grace and peace.

Meditate often,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Men-Soaring toward the Spirit of Truth

When we open ourselves to Truth, we are liberated!…Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

 Tzolk’in Date: 8 MEN-Ruler is Blue. Blocker is Red. Gatekeeper is Saturn.

 Meaning or common usage: Eagle, the wise one, bird, moon, cobweb

 Associated Qualities: Truth, soaring beyond confinement, hope, commitment, dreams and visions, planetary mind, clear light of conscious thought, clarity, discernment, wisdom, high aspirations

Today is Men, the day sign which is portrayed by the Eagle, the great bird that can soar closest to the sun and spot with uncanny power, the tiny mouse creeping upon the ground. Men speaks of great vision, of truth, of clarity.

Our politicians sing praises to truth. But they hire “spin doctors” to present their version of the truth.  And we, the People, do not trust them, calling them liars.  But are they liars or do they simply “SEE” things differently than we do? What is the Truth?

 Is the “Truth”—“all how you look at it?” The blind man who grabs hold of the elephant’s trunk will perceive an entirely different beast than the blind man who grabs it’s ear or its tail or its toenail.  The wise man can “see” the truth from every degree on a 360 degree circle. 

Nowadays, commercial interests pay enormously big bucks to convince us, the People, that THEIR product is a NECESSITY for our daily happiness. Do you NEED a new car to be happy or an antacid so you can overeat?  Then  I suppose, many commercials speak the truth. They’ve got so many of the People wrapped around their little finger (to put it nicely), believing what they say.  Must be a grain of Truth in there somewhere!

Truth can be presented according to the letter of the law, or the spirit of the law. Lawyers can manipulate the Truth for their own purposes and easily confuse the issue with obscurations and artful dodging…ala Bill Clinton’s: “It depends on how you define, “is.” Do such antics speak to the heart of the matter? Is this true integrity? Who or what has been served?

The Dalai Lama once said that “In Buddhism we have relative truth and absolute truth.” My God, the man is honest!!!  Praise the Lord!  This is integrity.  There are people we CAN trust and DO wish to serve the People!

We know the Speakers of Truth by their fruits!

Once when I had newly joined the Circle created by Grandmother Parisha and we were preparing to do ceremony, I attached an eagle feather in my hair.  When Grandmother saw it, she asked me to remove it, stating that I had not yet earned the honor to wear it. But I am now happy to say some 15 years later, I have earned the right to wear the Eagle feather. This was a wake up call for me long ago.  To be a person of honor and integrity is certainly a worthy goal!

The Eagle, a symbol of  Vision, Clarity and Truth, is our “national bird” and has been held sacred or been highly honored by cultures around the world down through time. Men is a good day to reflect upon our own version of the Truth.  Do we lie to ourselves?  Are we in denial of the Truth? Do we dodge the Truth?

In my book, The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is….As Sacred As 1,2,3, I speak about Treowth as opposed to “Truth.” “Treowth” harkens back to the etymological roots of the world “truth.”  It is derived from the same word as “betrothed” as when two people make a commitment to marry each other. Looking upon truth as a commitment of the heart can restore integrity, honor and responsibility to human culture. What ideas can we commit to and remain honorable? What “version” of the truth allows us to remain in integrity?  What visions are worthy of the Eagle in each of us? These we must embrace with our hearts and souls.

Seeking the Spirit of Truth,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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IX-Jaguar in the Arms of the Beloved

Tzolk’in Date: 7 IX-Ruler is White. Blocker is Indigo. Gatekeeper is Jupiter.

Meaning or common usage: Juguar, death

Associated Qualities: jaguar, shaman, integrity, heart-knowing, night seer, magician, alignment with divine will, Santo Mundo (sacred Earth), ego, willfulness, strategy, prophet, daykeeper, ruling spirit of jungles, plains, mountains

“Saving the world.”  If you are reading this, maybe you’ve thought about how you can  save “el Mondo’”–El Santo Mundo–the Sacred Earth. But of course– although we do abuse her, it is not the Earth who needs our help so much as WE– her teeming masses—need to help each other. Watching events unfold in Egypt, our hearts can not help but throb with a longing for the People there. What can each of us do?

IX speaks of the Earth’s feminine power—the force behind earthquakes and storms, the wealth in her veins of iron and gold. In the human dimension, Ix is the wealth of an intuitive, enlightened consciousness, the prowess of an expert hunter, as is the jaguar, a master of the night. To honor Ix and connect to the Jaguar in one’s self, is to connect to the Mother Earth and draw upon her powers and use it as a healing force.

My youngest son is an Ix, a Jaguar.  Indeed, its easy to “see” the Ix in my son–very easy. He is a person of great integrity and has thought deeply about the role he came to play on this our Santo Mundo. He is 22. He has strategized long and hard and filled a white board with a diagram, planning out his life. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha gave him a name long ago, White Winds, and his totem is the Snowy Owl. Ix is a Northern sign with “stealthy Northern energy”—just as the great hunter, the Snowy Owl is of the white freezing winds of the North Lodge.

When we are feeling sorrows or burdens, loneliness or depression, our knowledge of Ix can lead us to lie down upon the Santo Mundo for strength and solace. One time, when I came from a sacred rock lodge and layed upon the Mother’s breast, I heard words that have stuck with me now for years:  “I am in the Arms of the Beloved.” How strengthening and reassuring!

Each day we journey through an unfolding of revelations if we but seek.  There ARE answers to the thorniest of problems. Here is one that has been taught by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha for many, many challenging conditions, and I would suggest that we do this for the People in Egypt.  In meditation, surround them in a very pale blue light.  Sit quietly and surround them with this healing light of the North Lodge. Be the Jaguar. Be the Shaman. Let the power of Ix,  of the Sacred Earth work through you!

We are ALL the Chosen,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Ben-One Love, One Heart, One People

Tzolk’in Date: 6 Ben-Ruler is Red. Blocker is Silver. Gatekeeper is Mars.

Meaning or common usage: reed, cane, staff

Associated Qualities: pillars of heaven, fluid reference points, psychic, inner and outer authority, crusader, activist, courage, new directions

Ben is a Powerful glyph.  Well, indeed… All the Mayan glyphs are powerful and meaningful if we seek in them a message that inspires and supports Our Own Greatness in the highest spiritual sense of the word.

The Ben glyph appears to have inverted pillars descending from above while below, pillars on the ground hold up a horizontal line which in the ancient language of pictograms represents an altar. This indicates a direct reflection of heaven upon the earth, a sort of “As Above, So Below”message.

Ben, therefore reminds us to BE the highest and best that we can be in this challenging world of dualities. It reminds us that our bodies are Altars where God enters in!

The words of the Apostle Paul come to mind, from Galatians 2:20: My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. This is a “New Living Translation” of the Bible and I like it because it speaks of our “old self” having to be transmuted into a Christ-like embodiment.

My dear and venerable Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has often said something similar: “Of myself, I am No Thing. Of my God, I am All Things!”

Wow.  How Powerful is that?!  And THAT is YOU and ME!

One Love, One Heart, One People,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Eb-The Road Less Traveled?


 I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference….Robert Frost

Date: 5 Eb-Ruler is Yellow. Blocker is Gold. Gatekeeper is Earth.

Meaning or common usage: road, grass, rain, broom, point

Associated Qualities: devoted to human beings; abundance, harvest, chalice, open vessel, quickenings; associated with physical aspects of living; road of life; greening and enlightening of individual and planetary awareness; The bearer of time and the conductor of destiny.

Funny how things come in threes. While researching yesterday’s blog entry on Chuen, I discovered that one of my sisters was born on a Chuen day. In the blog before that, I wrote about both my husband and father, who were both born on “Oc.”  Now I’ve come to find that another sister was born on the day of Eb, which is today’s glyph. So I can use her as a reference point for understanding it more fully.

The qualities associated with Eb are quite diverse.  Its simplest, most common translation is “road” and there is also commonly an association with “rain.” In general, amongst most of the interpretations, there’s a consistent emphasis on Eb’s devotion to the betterment of the human community.

For instance:  On the Mayan Calendar Portal website,  I found Eb described as follows: The bearer of time and the conductor of destiny, the sign is supremely devoted to its fellow human beings, giving guidance and opening pathways to a healthier future. …Road persons care deeply about community, future generations and the children of the earth, and work toward their wellbeing. Many take care of the poor, sick and Elderly and make personal sacrifices. They are devoted, quite likeable and hard working. Many are successful in business and travel.

On a Dreamspell site, I found this: Eb is global consciousness. Eb in essence formulates. It transduces what it receives into a more understandable form.

At the same time, in The Mayan Oracle by Spilsbury and Bryner, I find an emphasis on abundance and the cornucopia and quickening.

So, let me tell you about my sister, “T”,…and see where we arrive with that.

T gets things done.  If she is the “road,” it is a superhighway and the pace is fast. In her life, she is able to keep up this pace because she is FOCUSED and ORGANIZED!!!   Organized to a “T.”  She is the list lady. She writes long exhausting lists of “Ta-Do’s” that would intimidate many an Alpha male. She does a great deal of “high end” fund raising for several well known world service organizations plus she has long taught Mexican immigrants English.

Abundance is an integral party of her destiny….her husband is a very successful businessman…and unlike some wives who might ride along on hubby’s prosperous coat tails, playing croquet and eating chocolates, she keeps a tight schedule of volunteer service interspersed with caring for her family. (Well, she does eat chocolates.)  She travels a great deal, and to peer inside her packed suitcase is to marvel at its orderly elegance. It has occurred to me, that my sister does not take abundance lightly or for granted, but seeks to give as good as she gets. She really CARES about the world and people. She’s a very generous spirit.

So EB has to do with being on the road of life, it would seem, and walking the path in a manner that benefits all whom you pass by. Eb’s energies seem to tie this caring with abundance…..hmmm.

One of the tools we can use to walk the path of life is journaling. I don’t know if my sister keeps a journal. But I do know that my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, has time and time again emphasized how valuable this can be. First, a journal keeps you focused on life’s good things; secondly they can keep you organized.

To keep focused on life’s blessings, as Oprah Winfrey says,  “Keep a grateful journal. Every night, list five things that you are grateful for. What it will begin to do is change your perspective of your day and your life.” And according to the Law of Attraction, this focus will create a reality of continued blessings in abundance.

Secondly, the journal can be used as a day planner, a list repository, a script for the next day’s run down the superhighway of life. “Organization is realization,” as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said and committing plans to paper or computer is the first step to creating reality.  In fact, Grandmother recommends using grid paper to write out scripts and plans because this is a representation of the 3-dimensional web of life and will serve to enervate your plans. (See my blog, Spider Mother’s Grid, Jan. 13.)

Come on guys.  This world need all our efforts.
May the Eb Road NOT be “the road less traveled”!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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Chuen-My Sister, the Monkey

Tzolk’in Date: 4 Chuen.  Ruler is Blue. Blocker is White. Gatekeeper is Venus.

 Meaning or common usage: Monkey – the great craftsman, patron of arts and knowledge. Also thread.  

Associated Qualities: Innocence, childlike, inner child, humor, artistry, trickster, chaos, spontaneity, think outside the Box, clever, constructive solutions; breakdown of structures, patterns and beliefs; Letting go of what we thought we knew about a person or situation.

 “Funny stories are soul food…clean humor is salve for wounds.” …Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha 

My sister is a Monkey! Her sense of humor is always on the ready and her practical jokes are Legendary! I’d never thought to enter her birthday in the Tzolk’in calendar calculator until I read a new description today of Chuen and it mentioned practical jokes.  I thought, “Hey, that sounds like my sister!” Checked it out and it was!!! LOL

Let me give you a simple, recent example. She works in a hospital setting, in a sleep apnea clinic. One evening in an office near hers, a doctor was working late. She knew it and was prepared.  She hobbled in with only a sock on one of her feet. 

She said:  “Oh Dr. F. I know you’re not a foot doctor.  But my foot is killing me. Could you please take a look?”  ”Oh sure, J,” he said, “I’d be glad to. Sit right down here.”  He cupped his hands and motioned for her to put her foot into them.�
“I don’t know what it is” she said.  “Maybe a corn or something.”
When the doctor removed her sock, very carefully so as not to hurt her foot, there he saw a piece of candy corn taped to her big toe!  Of course, he just broke up.
Hahahahahahah!  “I have always heard of your practical jokes….and now I have experienced one!  You have made my day!” he exclaimed.

“Do you think it’s a corn then? “ J deadpanned.
“Yes, it’s a corn,” the doctor said still laughing.
“Then do you think I should just gnaw it off?” she continued.
“Yes,” he said.  “Just gnaw it of!”

Believe me.  This is one of my sister’s simpler practical jokes.  Throughout the years, she’s done some doozies, and whenever we gather at big family meals, we love to hear her recount them.

But she is not just an Artiste of practical jokes.  She can tell jokes artfully without butchering them…like yours truly.  She can mimic people and describe an incident that may not even seem funny to most people and make it hilarious.  And she can diffuse a serious situation or brewing confrontations with a sweep of her clever tongue. I’ve always thought she should have been a stand-up comic! My gosh.  That girl is a Classic Chuen and it’s been a treat to have her as a sister! 

My sister could have said what Maya Angelou said about herself: My life has been one great big joke,
A dance that’s walked, A song that’s spoke, I laugh so hard I almost choke, When I think about myself
Gosh, maybe Maya is a Chuen too!  I’ll have to check it out. In the meantime,

Have a good laugh,

Elizabeth,/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog


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Oc–My Husband and Father are Dogs


Tzolk’in Date: 3 Oc. Ruler is White. Blocker is Black. Gatekeeper is Mercury.

Meaning or common usage: Dog, foot, wolf

Associated Qualities: Cooperation, loyalty and assistance from others; guardians and guides, breakthrough, emotional body issues, relationships

Both my husband and father are dogs!  No kidding.  I’ve known this for quite some time.  According to the Tzolk’in calendar calculators, both my husband and my father were born on 2 Oc!  Certainly this is a very uncanny canine coincidence! LOL. Believe me, when I first discovered this and now as I consider it again, it’s altogether freaky.

My husband is nine years older than I am and I used to think he kinda looked like Sean Connery. Yes, I liked that he was an “older man.”  Indeed, when I first met him, he was a teacher in my high school and I called him Mr. R. 

Freud would probably have a field day with my life’s history; my husband serving as a classic Father Figure.  Indeed, the guy has his own way of being very fatherly.  When we were deciding what we would raise our two sons to call us, I decided on “Mama” and he decided on “Father.”  Not Daddy or Dad, but Father.  So, as I was raising my children, I would say….”Father says this and Father’s doing that”…as if he was my Father too.  More times than I like to admit, I’ve called my husband, “Daddy” accidentally…and a couple times I’ve also called him “Lucky,” which was my dog’s name, several times….a slip of the tongue, ya know.

I don’t have to scratch my fleas for long before coming up with a good number of commonalities in their personalities that reflect the “Oc” in them. They are definitely devoted family men, and were faithful team players, my father, as a doctor; and my husband, as a teacher. Both always went above and beyond the call of duty to help others.

Dogs have been genetically traced to wolves and the Wolf, or Waya, is the Gatekeeper of the South on the Medicine Wheel that our Medicine society works with.  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has taught us a Waya prayer to say each day at high noon as we face the South. One of my favorite lines in the prayer is: “Ana Waya, one who is silent and gathers much through watchfulness and cooperation, you bring wisdom to your people.”  Wolves are the quintessential pack animals, powerful in their own right but all the more powerful in community.  Thus they teach us of relationships—as the prayer also states, of “family, community and individualism.”

So often, when groups of people gather to undertake a project, attend a meeting, whatever— there is too much bickering. Not enough people remain silent and gather wisdom through watchfulness and cooperation!  But I think both my husband and my father have been endowed with this talent.  In fact, many, many people who have known either my father or my husband professionally have commented as to how steady and amiable and genuinely nice  people they were to work with or otherwise interact with. Someone said this to me about my father, just last night…someone who had worked with him 30 years ago. I can just seem my husband and my father wagging their dog tails at people, with their happy tongues hanging out!

There is always a shadow side to each Tzolk’in glyph’s characteristics but ….I will not hang out the family’s dirty laundry here! But the Tzolkin days signs are meant to be utilized for personal development. And it’s interesting to examine how both the positive and negative energies of a sign manifest in personalities that you know.

As each day passes and I journey through the 20 glyphs of the Tzolk’in, I’m learning more and more.
We are always in a relationship with our selves and others and the dog, Oc—man’s best friend– can assist us in being, our own best friend and everyone else’s.

Just …“Don’t settle for a relationship that won’t let you be yourself.” (Oprah Winfrey)

Elizabeth/Du’TSu/Spring Frog

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Muluc: Blessings from the Ocean of Wellness and Spirituality


Tzolk’in Date: 2 Muluc. Ruler is Red. Blocker is Brown. Gatekeeper is Golden Planet.

Meaning or common usage: Water, raindrop, jade, offering,“that which is gathered up”

Associated Qualities: Clear awareness of spiritual nature, divine guidance, self-remembrance, emotionally charged, like the tide, cosmic communication, constant movement

Human’s are 70 % water. It is our very substance, our life blood. Thoughts of ocean waves pounding on a beach, a rushing river, a waterfall are all a delight to the spirit. What a gift is “Ama,” water!

I owe so much to water, above and beyond the sustenance it has given me as a biological entity every day of my life. I was a competitive swimmer beginning around age 9 and lasting into college. Water was my second home. Swimming shaped my life, giving me a kind of sparkling refuge where my thoughts worked through my life, day after day while I did laps. Water was also my playground and my obstacle course for developing both physical strength and character. My intimacy and familiarity with this powerful element bred a confidence in the elements in general. And as my Medicine name is “Spring Frog,” it’s hard to imagine a creature more deeply involved with water…except perhaps the fish.

Our wellness depends upon clean water and one of the greatest tragedies or our times is the pollution of the mighty Waters.  How could we have ever felt justified in turning our rivers and lakes and oceans into cesspools?  This we must remedy!

Spirituality is rife with metaphors relating human beings to water. Who has not heard that we are each a drop of divinity in the sea of the divine? 

Every day is a good day to meditate but today, Muluc, is ideal.

Grandmother has taught us when praying during the evening hours to say:  “I love the rain.  It is my Grandmothers healing me, cleansing me, kissing me.” Too few truly appreciate the rains when they come!

“When you dig a well, there’s no sign of water until you reach it, only rocks and dirt to move out of the way. You have removed enough; soon the pure water will flow,” said Buddha. (thanks to Deepak Chopra)

Happy Sailing upon Life’s Waters,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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