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Tzolk’in Date: 7 IX-Ruler is White. Blocker is Indigo. Gatekeeper is Jupiter.

Meaning or common usage: Juguar, death

Associated Qualities: jaguar, shaman, integrity, heart-knowing, night seer, magician, alignment with divine will, Santo Mundo (sacred Earth), ego, willfulness, strategy, prophet, daykeeper, ruling spirit of jungles, plains, mountains

“Saving the world.”  If you are reading this, maybe you’ve thought about how you can  save “el Mondo’”–El Santo Mundo–the Sacred Earth. But of course– although we do abuse her, it is not the Earth who needs our help so much as WE– her teeming masses—need to help each other. Watching events unfold in Egypt, our hearts can not help but throb with a longing for the People there. What can each of us do?

IX speaks of the Earth’s feminine power—the force behind earthquakes and storms, the wealth in her veins of iron and gold. In the human dimension, Ix is the wealth of an intuitive, enlightened consciousness, the prowess of an expert hunter, as is the jaguar, a master of the night. To honor Ix and connect to the Jaguar in one’s self, is to connect to the Mother Earth and draw upon her powers and use it as a healing force.

My youngest son is an Ix, a Jaguar.  Indeed, its easy to “see” the Ix in my son–very easy. He is a person of great integrity and has thought deeply about the role he came to play on this our Santo Mundo. He is 22. He has strategized long and hard and filled a white board with a diagram, planning out his life. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha gave him a name long ago, White Winds, and his totem is the Snowy Owl. Ix is a Northern sign with “stealthy Northern energy”—just as the great hunter, the Snowy Owl is of the white freezing winds of the North Lodge.

When we are feeling sorrows or burdens, loneliness or depression, our knowledge of Ix can lead us to lie down upon the Santo Mundo for strength and solace. One time, when I came from a sacred rock lodge and layed upon the Mother’s breast, I heard words that have stuck with me now for years:  “I am in the Arms of the Beloved.” How strengthening and reassuring!

Each day we journey through an unfolding of revelations if we but seek.  There ARE answers to the thorniest of problems. Here is one that has been taught by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha for many, many challenging conditions, and I would suggest that we do this for the People in Egypt.  In meditation, surround them in a very pale blue light.  Sit quietly and surround them with this healing light of the North Lodge. Be the Jaguar. Be the Shaman. Let the power of Ix,  of the Sacred Earth work through you!

We are ALL the Chosen,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog