Discriminating Frog-Etznab

Tzolk’in Date: 10 Eztnab Ruler is White. Blocker is Green. Gatekeeper is Pluto.

Meaning or common usage: Flint, knife, obsidian

Associated Qualities: Discriminating emotion from fact, right from wrong, truth from falsehood, timelessness, clarity, hall of mirrors, spiritual warriorship

Just 20 days ago, I wrote a Wellness and Spirituality post for Etznab and now we have come full circle in the 20 day uinal (week) of the Mayan “long count” Tzolk’in calendar. Although we’ve come full circle, as I explained before, Etznab is not the first day of the cycle, but the 18th.  It’s just that I was inspired to begin writing about the Tzolk’in on Etznab.

I am drawn to this glyph and what it represents.  Perhaps this is because my Medicine name is what it is: “Du’Tsu” (pronounced “Too-N-Twah)which means “Spring Frog.” Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once explained to me that there was a kind of frog that lived in pure, wholesome mountain springs but stayed out of springs that were unfit to drink. A very discriminating frog indeed!  In a manner of speaking, this would be an Etznab frog. –preferring the purest of the pure.

“She has come to the People to Rebirth the Purity and Light in Mankind.  Her song comforts the spirit within.” These were the words that came with my name. And today, I’d like to share a song that I wrote about the Sun Ceremony with the hopes that it will comfort the Spirit within YOU!  And maybe you would like to come support the Ceremony this summer at Friendship Village!

Sun Ceremony

Joy thrills the heart, as we gather for Sun Ceremony,
To reflect the dance of the Nuwati divine,
We circle the arbor, like the planets in their courses,
As drummers beat the rhythms like the cycles of time.

Blessed are the hearts, that gather for Sun Ceremony
Their gift is the power to birth paradise.
Our spirits s
oar, like the flight of an Eagle,
assured that the next seven generations will thrive.

Our Elder calls out with the Voice of the Ancients,
Smile and gaze at the blue sky above.
The sun is a prime Source of Great Spirit’s blessing
And all of Creation, an Expression of Love.

Happy Etznab, Again,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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