Evolving toward Sun Beings-Ahau


Tzolk’in Date: 13 Ahau.  Ruler is Yellow. Blocker is Purple. Gatekeeper is Golden Planet..

Meaning or common usage: Lord, ruler, sun

Associated Qualities: Creativity, union, ascension, solar mastery, Christ consciousness, language of light, crown, artistic, multi-talented, ultimate evolution

Ahau is the ultimate experience to which humanity is heir. We are each destined for the “solar mastery” that it represents. For the last 20 days here at the online home of Wellness and Spirituality, we’ve walked through the 20 day signs of the Mayan 13X 20=260 day Tzolk’in calendar beginning with Imix and now ending with Ahau.

Today the sun is shining and it’s rather easy to imagine that our destiny is associated with the Sun.  As someone who’s experienced some SAD—Seasonal Affective Disorder—the sun’s shining makes a great deal of difference in my life.  I feel very much in tune with the sun.  Some of my fondest memories are of the hot, glittering days I’ve spent swimming under the sun in lakes, pools and the ocean. And of course, I am a Sun Ceremonialist. “Joy thrills the heart as we gather for sun ceremony!”

I am so enamored of the sun, I have a website:  Check out Elizabeth Richie’s Sun Site.

How odd is it that my husband is sun-shy!  His skin is very fair and he acts—honestly—like a baby–when the sun is on it….as if five minutes of exposure will kill him. Oh!  I suppose it’s not that odd at all.  Opposites attract and we grow through having to deal with each other’s differences. The Tao is.

In any case, through the mechanics of reincarnation—repeated earth lives—each human being is evolving to a higher state of consciousness.  This may seem incredibly tedious, given how un-evolved so many of us seem to be. However, with modern physics helping us out, we may be in luck!  Our lives may not be happening chronologically in time but simultaneously! This opens up some very curious possibilities—such as actually changing or altering history.  That is, our “past” lives may be changing as humans transform themselves in their “present” NOW. In fact, there is even some debate as to whether a “past” actually ever existed.

Googling “simultaneous lives” can be lots of fun….but let me get back to the Sun.

As my Sun Site explains, the Earth will one day be absorbed back into the Sun, from whence it came. Oh…maybe that will be a million years from now…but maybe it will be in much less time.
But the Sun—I would suggest—is much more like our spiritual home and spiritual future than is the Earth.  (Not that I am anxious to leave behind this awesome planet….).  This is because at base, we are spiritual beings that have a nature or substance much more akin to light energy than to matter, or condensed energy. And it is our thoughts that determine our next moment.

As Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has taught: Your life is exactly what and how you think. “You are as you are.”

So how are you?  What is your self-concept.  Are you creeping anywhere close to “solar mastery” and Christ consciousness?

Food for thought,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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