BRRRR! Snow blankets the ground here in the central Susquehanna Valley today. Must mean Winter is sneaking up on us. I wonder if the bears in the local mountains have tucked themselves in for the winter yet??  The wheel of the seasons is turning. We’ve had a magnificent fall with all the leaves sending up their last vivid hoorah in firey reds and gold and then falling every which way. And now today is Thanksgiving!

Grandmother Parisha has taught us a prayer of Thanksgiving to say at every meal.  So I thought I would share it with you today:

Beloved Relations. We give Great Thanksgiving to you for this your life’s experience for our body’s purposes and needs.  We accept your wholeness and health in our being, and now we are One in the Dance of Life. Today we join in this Earthkeeper’s form and become Light! Aho! All My Relations!

I love this prayer because it reminds me to appreciate all the life forms that go into my food: the green leaves of salads, the juicy fat tomatoes; the golden wheat the grew under shimmery sunlit skies somewhere to later become my bread; the turkey that gave itself that I might live on in good health.

Also, I appreciate that the prayer brings to my awareness that I am not just a physical body…but one of the Earthkeepers.  I am a spiritual being perfecting my body of  Light, clothed temporarily in a physical body on the planet Earth. I am here to evolve and assist others to do the same. I am here to live gently upon the Earth and be a responsible steward of her resources by “dancing” in balance and harmony with all life, all my Relations.

What a magnificent universe we’re a part of!  What a magnificent planet we live upon! Mind blowing–to say the least.

Happy Thanksgiving! You-all!