2012-From Atlantis to a New Eden!

As we all know there is a good deal of hoopala and sensationalism surrounding the approach of  2012. TV shows and movies love to put the special effects boys into overdrive and show supersized tsunami’s swamping the Statue of Liberty or Mt. Everest. In fact, it reminds me of what the sinking of Atlantis might have looked like.

But if you can embrace whole heartedly the fact that we are co-creators of our own reality—then it is imperative that an alternative, more enlightened version of the events that are unfolding be presented and popularized. The public dialogue needs to focus on what we really know 2012 can be and is meant to be—an awesome change of consciousness

The big message that everyone must hear and  understand—the message that needs to be put out to all the world —is that 2012—is the time when an old cycle of time ends and a new one begins—And  the old time that’s ending is the time of our exile from the spiritual realms—and the new dawn that is upon us is the time when heightened human  consciousness will be characterized by a reconnection to the Source, or spiritual realms.  Or in other words, We must ALL focus on our re-entry into Eden, but at a higher level than when we left.

The remarkable European spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, who lived at the turn of the century, described  humanity’s cosmic evolution.  He said that the Fall from Paradise (he often used Christian terms) as described in the book of Genesis is a metaphor for the human spirit’s descent into the realm of density and matter. He said we began as spirit beings in a Spiritual cosmos and to that shall we return, but at a higher level of consciousness.

The collection of spiritual beings that comprise the human species, Steiner says, slowly decended or condensed or hardened into materiality over many eons.  As humans fell into density, we were assisted or hindered on all sides by other beings…we intermingled and still do with a myriad of Beings that are undergoing similar evolutionary processes but are either ahead or behind us in development. Each group of evolving beings whether it be humans, or angels or leprechauns, a planetary being such as Ella, the Earth– rock people, plant people or what have —each has a distinct, unique form of consciousness.

Earlier in the Earth evolution of the human spirit, (which evolves through incarnation after incarnation)   Steiner said humans had a much more clairvoyant form of consciousness than exists today and very different bodies from what we might imagine. I refer now to the state of humanity in the fabled Atlantis.

Our bodies in Atlantis were much more soft and subtle than they are today.  We had no bone, only cartilage-like material as our hardest, most dense tissues. Morover, the planet itself was a much less hardened reality.  It was, in a real manner of speaking, a much more ethereal-esque realm.  The atmostphere and physical reality of Atlantis was totally unlike what archeologists or geologists or any scientist might imagine.  The ground was less hard and the atmosphere was like a dense gaseous water vapor. But slowly over time, our bodies condensed, densified, hardened and our consciousness was cut off from the Spirit realms.  The great Atlantean epic ended with  the catasrophe that caused the vapors to condense into water, causing the Great Flood. Humans sought refuge on the new continents that formed after Atlantis sank and we entered another phase of evolution.

The ancient clairvoyant consciousness of Atlantis allowed humans to “see” and interact with various beings who were more powerful and controlling than  humans of that era. Human consciousness was DULL– similar to what we now experience as the dream state of consciousness.  Or we might say that human consciousness was similar to  animal consciousness which has a waking perception of reality but in contrast to human consciousness the animals have little of what we know as self-consciousness or egohood and  little of what we know as logic, memory and free will. The animal consciousness is focused instead on satisfying very basic desires and needs, based upon instinctual urges. And if god-like human’s want to put them in a cock fight or throw them live into the sea for shark bait….what power does an animal have to put a stop to this tyrany?  So it was when humans  lived as spirits during their night-time, awake to god-like beings. And when humans “awoke,” they–in a manner of speaking–crawled into the shell of their physical body and rested from the night’s action, somewhat like inhabiting the shell of a snail! And during this daytime rest–consciousness was, as I said–DULLER still than the nighttime dream time.

Steiner said that the ancient time when we lived in this dream like state at night—this ancient time was the origin of the myths of the Gods, such as are found in so many world mythologies, such as the Greek pantheon of the Gods of Olympus or the Norse Valhalla because earlier in our evolution we were not cut off from the many other categories of beings of the universe and in fact, human did experience quite profound, powerful god-like beings. We are now and always have been   evolving side by side with such beings but today, for the most part, human consciousness has so utterly changed its focus, we are in a manner of speaking, in exile from the spirit realms.

Indeed, Steiner says, it was necessary for the old clairvoyance—when we could “see” the intelligences in Nature and elsewhere- this old clairvoyance had to die in order for humanity to attain a higher state of self-awareness, self reliance, will power self-responsibility, intelligence and powers of reason.

Some cultures did not let go of this ancient clairvoyance and many individuals still have access to this kind of clairvoyance. For instance, the Australian Aborigines are famous for their “DreamTime” awareness.

But in order to develop further, the masses of humanity had to be cut off from these perceptions.The Fall into density and matter afforded the human spirit a kind of independent field of activity. It has given humans the opportunity to learn the lessons of Good and Evil and duality  and to realize that it is sheer existential misery to be separated from the One Source, and Divine Intelligence.

The main lesson we are learning is the lesson of the Logic of Love—the utter reasonableness of being good to each other….which allows humans to learn to live collectively in the spirit of harmony, cooperation and balance…and will allow us to return to the Spiritual Realms as mature, self conscious, independent co-creative, responsible citizens in a spiritual cosmos.

So, this time of 2012 is a time when we must arise as a species and attain a higher level of cosmic consciousness. It is our birthright and destiny .

To quote Grandmother Parisha on this topic of our return to Eden: “The deeper into density we run—the greater the joy when we lift out of it.”

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