As Sacred As 1,2,3–Intro. Part II

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Part II of the Introduction: The Chosen

Now, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

I had a powerful mystical experience when I was 18 years old. For roughly a week’s time, I experienced love as if it were bombarding me from all directions, as if every physical thing was made of a radioactive element emitting love.
Every cloud, every leaf on every tree, and every stone on the ground or lodged in an ivy covered wall–that is to say– every substance was a sun unto itself, emanating love.
Indeed, at that ripe old age of 18, I came to see that humans were—for the most part—totally oblivious to the profundity and reality of the “ground of the universe”—the Love that underpins everything.

At the time, I said that I was “Born again in Christ.” But  the experience went beyond a specific religion because the Christ, the Spirit of Love, transcends any one religious doctrine.  No one people or tradition holds the exclusive rights to love. How could they?
I am also quite confident that both Science and Religion will one day totally embrace these ideas.
But today as in 1972, humanity does not act in accordance or “at One” with the logic of love, the Logos. Humans have the choice to act Divinely and give love or to act profanely and not to give love.  Or rephrased, we all have the choice to prolong the agony of separation  from  Love, or to live in the passion of being One with it.
In 1975 I earned a BA in the academic study of religion. I  have followed a winding but always enriching path ever since. I’ve hung back silently for a long time. But now, this One called Du’Tsu shall  “tell it like it is.”

Sooner or later, we the Created MUST come full circle and acknowledge the Divine Loving Creator in ourselves and in all other things. It’s an ancient Truth that—apparently—must be spoken a hundred zillion times or more because humans are so thick headed. It’s a Truth that defies the barriers between Catholic and Protestant, Muslim and Jew and so on;  and is as factual as any scientific “fact.”
If you accept what I write in The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is…As  Sacred As 1,2,3,  you will  understand that Truth is  both simple and complex  and such a mysterious paradox! We are a species, born out of the Divine. We are evolving toward a divine future by pulling ourselves up by our own flimsy bootstraps denying our destiny all the while.
So, I now present this sweeping theological frolic to the family  of humanity, the children of the Most High, to every human being. These  shocking Revelations are for pompous windbags and self-righteous critics; for half a brain rednecks and no-brainer snobs; for blue bloods and HIV positives; for rosy cheeked crones and lovable old codgers; for clueless, alienated, teens, cynical scientists and wizened, wheezing academics; for obsessive golfers and bikers; for bridge players, antique car collectors, college students and dropouts; for  wall flowers, perverts, deviants and hateful killers; for hillbillies, hairdressers, and cosmopolites; for rich men, poor women, beggars, thieves, doctors, lawyers and indecent cheats;  for Blacks, Reds, Whites, Blues, Yellows and Greens; for Arabs and artists, and arch fundamentalists; for  arch liberals, arch enemies, arch conservatives, and arch dukes; arch fiends, architects, archaeologists, archbishops, archers and archetypal New Agers; for nostalgic hippies, the baby boomers and Generation Whatevers; for materialistic slobs, hot raunchy rappers and nice or obnoxious talk show hosts; for xenophobes, Zorastrians and zymologists (those who study fermentaion.) It is especially for Americans who claim to be of the Christian creed.
I try not to use too many big words because I want to give EVERYONE a chance to understand. I am purposely repetitive because humanity is a STUBBORN, stiff-necked, bone-headed lot. I SHOULD KNOW.  I’M ONE OF US!

And now, without further adieu, allow me to introduce you to yourself…………..
HERE’S GOD!!!………!!!!


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