Thus Spake Spirit Divine

Sunny Greetings! Welcome to  the de-light-filled, meaning-full, Home of Wellness and Spirituality! I’m talking about my book today:

The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is… As Sacred As 1,2,3

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What would God say to humanity in 2011? Its all in HERE!!!LOL

Here’s some background info. You can see the introduction on previous posts: The Chosen-Choosing to be Love Incarnate -Intro, Part I- and As Sacred As 1,2,3- Intro Part II
I conceived of the beginning of my book riding in a car, home from an “intensive” with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha in 1994. During the week-long intensive we had made a life map.  My map included writing three books. My children were young and I’d been reading aloud to them from beautiful picture books for several years. I thought children’s picture books were wonderful because they were so simple and straightforward and “a picture speaks a thousand words.” I was convinced that most people had no idea what God really was.  Excuse me.  Does that sound arrogant?  Well, be that as it may, I was convinced that I could create a simple, easy to read, yet profound book, all rolled into one, describing “the Nature of God” that would settle the matter once and for all.
But how would I begin???  As I huddled in the backseat of the car, driving from the Cherokee homeland to the hills of West Virginia, my eyes closed….I saw the black canvas of my mind. And I heard a little voice, a still voice saying: “PSSSSSSSST!” It was trying to get my attention…a “still, small voice.”  And once it got my attention….that Voice– the Voice of  Spirit Divine, of God, of the One, the Two and The Three–of the One that is in All Things—the Voice let ‘er rip.

The Voice of Spirit Divine--ie God

Just Keeps Talking

And keeps talking....

And doesn't let up...

And talks and talks...

And The Voice Tells It like it IS!!!...

What a cliff hanger, eh?  I’m going to leave it like that for the time being…..and hope that Oprah Winfrey, and Deepack Chopra, Jack Canfield, Maya Angelou and the Dalai Lama are reading this blog!  Cause this is where it’s happening baby!  After all……YOU’RE HERE!

Most stupendously,

Elizabeth Richie/Du’Tsu (pronounced Too N’ Twah and meaning “Spring Frog.”

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