The Ineffable-Do You Really Want to Know?

Sunny Greetings! Welcome to  the de-light-filled, meaning-full, Home of Wellness and Spirituality! I’m talking about my book today:

The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is… As Sacred As 1,2,3

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On yesterday’s post, Thus Sake Spirit Divine, I left you hanging with the statement: Prepare Ye the Way for Divine Revelation, as I share with you the opening pages of my book. Here’s Spirit Divine talking…

Spirit Divine is Speaking Here.... Spirit Divine is saying something shocking!

A God keeps talking…..
Well, God, I hope you are right!!!

But, is humanity really ready to know the Ineffable?  Isn’t that a contradiction? By definition, we can’t know the ineffable!  But on the other hand, we can know a good deal….so I hope you will keep reading, along with all those other folks I hope will keep reading….you know…people like Oprah Winfield, cause gosh, I only have one more year to be on her show! Now in regard to  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, without whom I would likely not have written this book…she has already read it.

With appreciation to Grandmother for her determination that I do on Earth what I came to do,

Elizabeth Richie/ Du’Tsu (meaning Spring Frog)

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