A Peek at “The Whole Kit and Caboodle Is…As Sacred As 123”

Sunny Greetings! Welcome to  the de-light-filled, meaning-full, Home of Wellness and Spirituality! I’m talking about the Ineffable in my book today:

available at www.elizabethrichie.com

On yesterday’s post, Thus Sake Spirit Divine, I left you hanging with the statement: “Humanity is ready to understand the Ineffable.” Now to continue to talk about The Ineffable, here are pages 24 to 34 as  I provide you another peek at the opening pages of my book.  Realize that this is the
Voice of Spirit Divine:


_____________________________________________________________26 _______________________________________________________27



Soooo, I hope you have enjoyed this introductory preview of my greatest Masterpiece, so far! And again, I do hope that Oprah Winfrey is reading along with you! lol
Yours Truly,
Elizabeth Richie/ Du’Tsu ie Spring Frog
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