Dreams of Flying Live On

When I was very young, say five or six, I dreamed that I could fly. Later,  when I was in fourth grade, I dreamed of becoming–that is, I envisioned myself — an astronaut by profession.  Now, with my interest in Spirituality, ET’s and the stars and heavens, my youthful ambition makes sense.  And as Oprah Winfrey has said, “the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

First Blast Off a Let Down

In those days, the space program was IMPORTANT to everyone, a matter of American pride. In the early 60’s,  the US was neck and neck in the “space race” with the  Soviet Union  “Commies,” and they had put the first man into space.  So in May, 1961, when we shot Alan B. Shepard into space, it was a big deal. Millions of people watched the blast off and heard all the details of the flight and watched the recovery on TV.  But frankly, after the initial thrill of the blast off, the flight was a letdown. It didn’t seem at all like such a big deal to me to put someone in a little “capsule” at the tip of a rocket and fire him into space.  I mean, “Duh!”  If you put someone on the tip of a rocket, sure they’ll go out into space!  And his flight was only 302 miles and VERY short-lived.  What the heck?  He had NO CONTROL.  What goes up, must come down and Shepherd was bound to that flight plan!  Where was the cool technology that could REALLY take you out in space?

Nevertheless, at age 8, I was still charmed with it all.   One Christmas,  my parents bought me the coolest rocket ship control panel thing with a throttle that shot darts at light images of space ships projected on the wall. And another Christmas they bought me a two foot high “Robot Commando” that shot rockets out of its head. (They don’t make toys like they used to!) So I was serious about “Space, the final frontier.” You betcha!

Sometime around age 9, I started noticing telescopes in the Sears Catalog. I was passed the football and baseball uniform stage, resigned to the fact that I was not a boy.  But I could still look at the moon and the craters…so I asked my mom for jobs and saved quarters (in my rocket ship bank) and finally had $40 to pay for a telescope. And by then I began dreaming of becoming an astronaut.

After all.  They took us elementary school kids down to the cafeteria to watch the TV every time there was a NASA blastoff! And I was dreamer enough to think that even though I was a girl, I could still be an astronaut. One summer, during an Apollo mission when I was with  my family at a house at the beach, I put my suitcase up on my bed so that I could sleep as if I was in a sitting position like an astronaut in a space capsule.  I thought I better get used to it! lol!

A small private airport was almost in my backyard, and I would watch the planes land very closely, imagining that I would soon learn to fly.

But then it began to dawn on me.  I was nearsighted and got glasses in the fourth grade. Somewhere along the line I’d heard that most of the astronauts were in some branch of the military and you had to have good vision to be a pilot.  And on top of that, I was not a man and  they probably didn’t make space suits for women. I mean, they probably weren’t designed for a girl to go to the bathroom, right? By junior high, I’d given up my dream.

The first episode of “Star Trek” aired when I was in Junior High. I was a fanatic.  And I will be forever beholden to my friend, Judy, for lending me her copy of the awesome book,”The Foundation Trilogy” by Isaac Asimov. But still, my childhood ambition seemed impractical, particularly because of my bad eyesight. And my gender.

Today, I am an avid fan of the television show, “Ancient Astronauts” and “UFO Hunters.” I consider Dr. Stephen Greer to be a modern hero. He  gave up his medical career to devote himself full time to the Disclosure of the truth associated with the coverup of ET’s presence on earth. Also for 20 years, he has conducted “Ambassador to the Universe” trainings to teach people to initiate ET contact out under the stars. And fundamental to his field work protocols are meditation and developing an elevated consciousness.

My Elder, the venerable Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, says that ET’s are known to the native peoples of the earth as “The Ancients.”  The indigenous Peruvians sometimes call them “space brothers.” Spirituality and the space age come together! And life brings me now full circle.  My dreams of flying live on.

Soaring in the Spirit,

Elizabeth Richie/Du’Tsu (Spring Frog)

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