God is Love; Choose Love

Du’Tsu, the Spring Frog, hostess of Wellnessandspirituality.net,

wishes you a

Merry  Love-filled, Joy-full

Holiday Season!

Remember : You were Made in the

Image of the Sacred One, the Divine Creator.

You may yet be Asleep to Your Ultimate Oneness with the Maker of All the Universe. But Your destiny is to become a free, responsible, self-conscious, ever-living, ever-loving citizen in an ethereal Divine cosmos.  Believe it or not, we are fated to be magnificent Co-Creators with the Divine Spirt that Creates All Things.

You are the self-conscious Divine Being that can say, “I Am.”

Can the I AM that is YOU Envision a Universe of total balance, harmony and Love?

Can the I AM that is YOU conjure a universe in which light waves of love are gifting themselves endlessly to the Creation and to our self?

Paradoxically, you will repeatedly have experiences which reinforce what you “believe” in –what you imagine to be the Truth–until many lifetimes here or in the universe beyond, you get it right:

The Highest Good is Love. Give Love; Get Love.

The Highest God is Love.

He has no One Name but The One.

He Has Many Names.

His Name is the Name You Choose.

The same goes for Her’s.

“God is Love.

Those that dwell in Love,

dwell in God,

And God in Them.”

(1n John 4:16)

Do you believe, as Oprah Winfrey does, that:

“… every single event in life happens is an opportunity to choose love over fear.”

…love over anger

…love over bitterness

…love over ignorance.

You are Chosen. Lest You Would NOT be here!

(Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha)

Choose Yourself to be the Embodiment,

the Incarnation of Divine Love!


Aho.  Amen. So Be It.

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