Why was This my Karma Part V

Wellness and Spirituality=


“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”… Maya Angelou

Arthritis is sneaky. It creeps up on you slowly. It comes and goes. You have good days and bad days. A little aspirin and you’re good to go….at first. And so many of our modern ills follows this same pattern of stealth!

Mainstream medicine, of course, offers pain killers, and as good as they make you feel, my assessment is that such solutions “rob Peter to pay Paul.” One of my favorite analogies is the “pesky oil light” on the dashboard example. When the car is low on oil, you can ignore the problem by snipping the wire that leads to the light.  This is a permanent solution to that pesky light. But it’s a “solution” that’s really a sentence to catastrophe down the road. That’s what pain killers do.  They mask your problem and delay you having to deal with it properly. This is a good analogy for many of our modern health habits (or lack thereof.)

On and off, I took prescription anti-inflamatory drugs and no doubt about it, they killed the pain. But when you are wearing away the tissue of  the hip joint–between the ball and the socket–masking the pain is a fool’s treatment. On top of the wear and tear on the hip tissue which you can pursue with wild abandon–what about that mile-long list of possible side effects that came with your drug? What else are they doing to your body?

So how can we REALLY fix the problem of arthritis–or other similar health challenge–rather than just snipping the wire to the oil light?

More likely than not, whatever your health challenge may be, it did not hit you overnight. It took a while to develop and now it has to be given time to heal. Even miracles may take some time!  One of my favorite pictures are those of “before and after” x-rays taken of the hip of a man whose totally deteriorated hip was miraculously healed after bathing in the fountain at Lourdes, France. You can see the x-rays in a book by Michel-Marie Salmon, titled The Extraordinary Cure of Vittorio Michelli or in The Hollographic Universe by Michael Talbot.*  In 1962, Michelli’s was x-rayed and diagnosed with a  cancerous tumor in that essentially dissolved his left hip and he was given ten months to live. He bathed at Lourdes several times following this diagnosis and felt “a sensation of heat moving through his body.” X-rays made in 1964, 1965, 1968 and 1969 proved, according to a Vatican commission, that a “remarkable reconstruction of the iliac bone and cavity” had taken place.

So, as you see, miracles don’t always happen overnight. Even Vittorio had to be patient!  We live in a society that is psychologically programmed to want and expect the instant remedy, the “magic bullet.” But this expectation of an instant cure is based on the false premise that the dis-ease came upon us for NO REASON whatsoever. When in fact, dis-ease does have a KARMIC ELEMENT–a cause related to our purpose for life, our way of life, our lifestyle, our destiny.

The first step in our own healing is recognizing a problem and taking the responsibility for following through until it’s gone. Whether it means getting yourself to a doctor or a alternative health practitioner or just googling the subject, you have to take some first steps.  Simultaneously, –and very very importantly–we do need to do some introspection–some self-analysis.  Ask yourself, “What is this all about? Why is this happening?” Remember that there is an Observer in you, a higher voice within, that DOES KNOW the answers, even if the common, everyday, chattering mind-child in your noisy brain pleads ignorance. That is the ignorance game it likes to play.  The mind-child likes to ignore the big questions, the hard questions…the ones that may change your life by answering them!

As my mentor, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, has said time and time again, “We are Chosen. Lest we would not be here!” And each of us, she says, “has a message to deliver.”

More tomorrow on karma and healing!

Elizabeth Richie/Du’Tsu

*Michael Talbott, The Holographic Universe,  pages 106-107, HarperCollins, NY, NY,1992.

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