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Wellness and Spirituality=“Medicine”=”Nuwati”

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”… Maya Angelou

Do you have faith in the power of herbal remedies, diets and supplements, meditation and other alternative or “complimentary” healing modalities? Do you have faith enough to commit to a cure? Do you have the personal power to commit to a cure? Aye-there’s the rub! In the mid 1990’s when my left hip was a chronic problem, I explored many of the above mentioned cures.  And among all that I tried, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha formulated an herbal remedy for me around 1995 or ’96.

I’d been told that I was a candidate for a hip replacement in 1990. But my doctor said that since I was so young and the technology might change in the years ahead, it was a good idea to wait as long as I could. So, I waited through seven painful years.

I was a very busy mother in the ’90’s.  I had two sons born in ’86 and ’88.  My husband was ALWAYs at the high school teaching and coaching. We lived 16 miles from the school and from town on a forested hillside and our house was unfinished.  I worked on it in spurts and also hired others to help. We heated with firewood, so in winter, I was always bringing in the wood to keep us warm.  I started out with cloth diapers with my first child but gave into temptation and went with paper diapers for the second.

When my elder son was old enough for kindergarten, he would travel with my husband to town where he’d be dropped off. But after that year, I decided to home school my children.  It was a wonderful choice, one that I still celebrate.  But it did take a good deal of energy.

Looking back, I’ve no doubt that my inability  to rigorously and consistently follow any particular diet, meditation technique, herbal formulation or supplement regimen was a major factor in my lack of healing. I was NOT a good meditator. Either I’d fall asleep or I’d grow impatient or distracted and desert my meditation post.  Of course, I had lots of good excuses, two of them being two little boys running around the house.

Several months after Grandmother gave me the herbal formula which I’d asked for, I told her that I’d had not taken them as directed.  She shocked me when she said that if I had, I would have been healed. I felt terrible!  What little faith I had demonstrated.  How I had let myself down!

Through the years since that time, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to learn to keep commitments.  Grandmother has given us spiritual disciplines or sadhanas many times. For instance, one time Grandmother instructed me to chew all of my food 100 times before swallowing for a month.  It was a very difficult challenge but  I came away with an totally renewed sense of appreciation for not just my food but for ALL the blessings in my life.  The sadhanas were often tough but the rewards have been tremendous.

But when I look back at my track record for commitment to healing, it was spotty at best. I see no reason to “beat myself up” now over spilled milk.  But I’ve learned over and over the extraordinary value there is in commitment and follow-through…and we have only ourselves to accuse if we do not maintain consistency with herbs, meditation, supplements, exercises and so on.

We live in a society that worships youth, longevity, the beauty of young people, super-athletes,  super-models and movie stars, glamour and glitz, skinniness and diets. These are the  Ideals we grew up with.  Nothing wrong with them.  Who doesn’t want to stay young or youthful? But we also grew up with quarter pounders, slushies and well nigh unlimited access to colas and chocolate. The cards seem to be stacked against the common folk. The media taunts us with temptation after temptation.

So remember.  If you want to heal……Only the committed thrive!

Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Richie/Du’Tsu

We are chosen, lest we would not be here. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha