Why was This my Karma? Part VII

Wellness and Spirituality=“Medicine”=”Nuwati”

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”… Maya Angelou

Happy New Year! Time to make your New Year resolutions, right? The new moon is Tuesday, January 4, so that’s the time to set some new goals, make some new plans or start with renewed vigor with current projects, diets, exercise and healing.  Remember, only the committed thrive.

The story about my hip replacement is almost complete so I’ll go back to the original question, why was this my karma?

Growing up, my family was all about doctors and the big hospital on the hill.  My uncle was the first Chief of Staff at the hospital, my father was a chief of pediatrics and my parents socialized with physicians, their wives and families.  I seriously considered becoming a doctor when I entered college.

Yet, look what happened.  First, I “got religion,” with a dramatic awakening my freshman year at college.  Simultaneously, my father became disillusioned with his professional career in medicine when I was deciding what to do with my life. The writing was on the wall….no traditional medical career for me…..Spirituality would be the path to wellness.

But there were plenty of distractions through the years to keep me from fully focusing on spirituality and it’s link to wellness.  Romance, finding a homestead in West Virginia, making new friends, learning to play the mandolin, gardening, making lumber, designing and building a house, and finally, children. And my health  problem was sneaky and slow to develop.

Remember, I said that I took pride in my physical strength and stamina. I even took some satisfaction in my ability to tolerate the pain.  But I do believe I depended too much upon on these Spartan-esque abilities and didn’t focus on solutions. I ignored the signs of arthritis as long as I possibly could.  Also, I was in turns, weak willed, exhausted, distracted and too impatient to be consistent and committed to finding the source of the problem or alternative means to address it…at least for the many years it took to develop to a place where I could no longer ignore it.

After my hip replacement I felt I was given a new lease on life.  And when my children were middle school age, they began to go to public school and I was “home alone” with more time on my hands than I’d had in years.  At that point, I REALLY began to focus on health and healing.  A bit late, perhaps, but better late than never.

A wonderful lady who ran a local health food/supplement business, gave me a great series of tapes on minerals and herbal treatments. When I began listening to these, it was as if a whole new world of information had opened up to me.    I had hithertoo pursued the understanding  of my own health in a far too piecemeal fashion….a book here, a vitamin there, a few days of meditation. Now, I began to view the much more comprehensive over-all picture and take the time to put this knowledge into practice in my life.

Grandmother continued in her ever-loving way to emphasize all manner of means to walk a more balanced path in life.  I’m so grateful for her dedication. She’s a fountain of wisdom and healing knowledge. Applying what she has given me is an ongoing goal of mine.

So, my karma has been–to take the lead from Maya Angelou’s quote–to slowly but surely, turn my wounds to wisdom. And if I’d not been “wounded,” in the first place, I’d likely never have sought the wisdom that I now hold precious.

My illness created my passion for learning about wellness …and for pursuing a holistic lifestyle. In my life now, spirituality and wellness are like twins suns, orbiting about each other, dancing in space.  And I know this was my karma because NOW I can share the wisdom with others….so WE CAN ALL turn our wounds to wisdom.

Because, as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says: You are the Chosen.  And You have a Message to Deliver!

Let’s Go For It!

Elizabeth Richie/Du’TSu

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