You have a Message to Deliver! Part I

Welcome to the home of Wellness and Spirituality. Today’s topic is

Medicine Names.

“We each have a Message to deliver,” is something I’ve heard Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha say numerous times. The statement no doubt prompts you to ask: What is my message? I’m writing about Medicine Names today because our “real” medicine name can help us to know ourselves in a sacred manner, and to know why we are here on Earth.

Parents give their children all sorts of weird names these days. It’s one of the few times we can really let go and be free, I suppose. In contrast, my parents’ generation was quite tame and predictable and quite steeped in the Judeo-Christian tradition. So I ended up with the Biblical name, Elizabeth, which is from the Hebrew and means, “God is My Oath” or possibly, “My God is Abundance.” (I like that second meaning a lot!) They named my sister, Isabel, which is simply a Spanish form of Elizabeth so, curiously, we both actually have the same name. lol

Jokes derived from skewed notions about how Native Americans give their children names are occasionally heard. Because most are rather raunchy, I won’t tell one. The idea is that the first thing that a native sees when a child is born is what the child is named. So if the mother sees a mouse run across the room, the child might be called “Running Mouse.” Of course this is simplistic but not altogether uninformative.

To have a “sign,” from (seemingingly) “outside” ourselves from the One that is In All Things– to have Nature speak to us of who we are–to have Spirit send a Message about who we each are–this is the basis of the indigenous manner of Naming.

Actually, there is NO “outside ourselves.” Each of us ARE emanations or faces of the Divine One that is in All Things. The Divine One who wore the face of Jesus the Christ was also called The Word Incarnate. The “Word” or Message that Jesus, the Christ, brought to our world was tremendously potent. He totally altered “the matrix” of our reality is how Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha sometimes phrases it.

So each of us has a Message and IS a Message but finding our true, sacred purpose, our sacred selves, is not always a simple matter. We come into birth incarnated into physical bodies that are tainted by ages and ages of genetic coding and very often, it ain’t pretty. We are here as a spiritual species to evolve but our physical lineages have been through the wringer of violence, pain, deceit, betrayal….you name it. Yet the goal is to become The Spirits of Love and Personality and we are pulling ourselves up by our own flimsy bootstraps!

When I joined the Circle where Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha is the Elder, I learned that some people had Medicine Names. Of course, I wandered what mine was! I’ll tell you the story of how I learned that I was “Spring Frog” in my next post.

In the meantime, remember what Oprah Winfrey once said: “What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine.”

Named well,


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