Gathered in the Circle-Part III–Nuwati

We ALWAYs sit in a Circle when we gather with Grandmother Parisha. So whenever we left our cabins during the “Intensive” in North Carolina that summer, we gathered round a fire circle in a large open grassy area that was surrounded on all sides by the resort cabins, which in turn were backed by trees, mostly evergreens, as I recall.

This was the first time that I heard the Cherokee word, “Nuwati.”  Most of the others in attendance had probably heard the word many times already. But when she introduced it to us, she taught us a basic dance step. And of course we danced around in a circle and I was thrilled because I love to dance.  Little did I know that I would go on to become a devoted dance ceremonialist, a Dancer of the Sun, some 10 years later.

But for the longest time, I thought “Nuwati” was simply the name of a dance step.  In fact, “Nuwati” means -if it can be defined at all– “the Source of All things, the Complete Authority in Nature, Medicine.” So when we dance “Nuwati,” we are doing Medicine by being One with the Source of All things.

Grandmother has taught us that humans are the Co-Creators with the One that is in All Things.  But because of the conditioning of our upbringings along with the destructive programs that we are born into when we take on the genetics of our lineages, we are deeply entangled in dysfunctional self-concepts. To clear these patterns of dysfunction is the goal.  And “Medicine”  or Nuwati will help to take us there, both as individuals and as a species.

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