The Holy or the Broken Hallelujah?

Know this lyric?

“There’s a blaze of light in every word, it doesn’t matter which you heard, the holy or the broken Hallelujah.”  Yes, it’s from the awesome song, “Hallelujah,” by Leonard Cohen.  And it speaks a truth that’s relevant to the word, “Nuwati” which I introduced in yesterday’s message.

Nowadays, words are cheap, cheap, cheap….to say the least. I’d wager that humanity is more awash in words today than at any other time in history. We are blasted from all sides by text messages, email, blogs, websites and TV and almost everyone–including yours truly–is spinning out verbiage of one sort or another.

So in a world run amuck in words, what value is there in yet another new one?

Well, obviously.  You know what happens in politics when simple words begin to take on enormous baggage.  A “Liberal,” we all know, is a bleeding heart spend thrift who wants to turn this nation into a socialist commie nanny state and a “Conservative” or “Neo-Con” is a hypocritical religious fanatic who is duped by or in cahoots with evil multi-national corporations.  These labels, these powerful words, Liberal and Conservative, have driven a tragic stake into the heart of America.  This labeling mechanism is really not serving our common good.  What’s in word? What’s in a name? Plenty! So a new word or two might really help us.

I am a student of something called “Anthroposophy.”   Dr. Rudolf Steiner, who lived from 1861 to 1925, coined the term, “Anthroposophy” and there is still today an “Anthroposophical Society.”  Steiner gave over 6,000 lecture in his lifetime and wrote over 50 books….all contributing to a body of wisdom related to humankind.  Because his ideas were somewhat controversial and very often misrepresented, Steiner once said that he wished he could constantly rename “Anthroposophy.”  That way, it could be spared the “label” mechanism that usually serves to stifle understanding and harmony rather than nurture it.

So, here I am, introducing a new word, “Nuwati,” for the common good because I think the old ones are wearing out. I do hope you can appreciate this. For there certainly is a blaze of light in this word!

Oh… let me say now that this word is not really new.  It’s ancient and honorable and Cherokee. But it’s not a mainstream word…yet.

As I wrote yesterday, “Nuwati” is the Source of All Things; the complete Authority in Nature, Medicine. This was how Grandmother  Parisha described Nuwati once when I had a pen in hand and was able to scribble it down quickly.  But it’s also a dance step. But no one is going to test you on this and let’s avoid at all costs a too narrow definition.

Imagine.  What does being “the Source of All Things” really mean?  Who or what is “the complete Authority in Nature?”  Or is there really, indeed, ANYTHING that IS “the complete Authority in Nature?”  Sounds a bit like the old overused term, “God?” Right? And where does that lead us?  To the modern debate of  the atheist versus the believer. So let’s not go there…at least not yet.

Let’s just go for an understanding of the word, “Source.”  Yes, that’s what I will talk about tomorrow along with more about Nuwati.

In the meantime…now is your chance!  Won’t you put in your two sense—I mean two cents—before I go on tomorrow.  Believe me…..there’s a blaze of light in every word…your’s included!

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