Hallelujah! The Source is with us. Are you Experienced?

What is the Source of All Things?  What is, in a word, Nuwati?

Just think, if I could use enough blazing words to answer that question– words that would smash into your soul with LOVE and turbocharge your spirit with the light of wisdom–so that you Experienced the Source and shouted “Hallelujah” out of sheer overwhelmedness–my mission would be accomplished for the day. There is nothing like first hand experience….nothing like it.

Speaking of experience, ever hear of PMH Atwater?  She is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Near Death Experience (NDE). I met her at an interfaith “Earth Changes” conference at New Vrindaban in good ole West Virginia in 1993, give or take a year. Life after death is one of my all time favorite subjects and listening to PMH’s presentation on NDE’s was an absolute treat to my awesome inquiring mind.

PMH described how ND Experiencers have a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the common world once they have “returned” from death. She said that people that have spiritual experiences often feel the same way.  I was in this latter category cause I’d had a rocking Experience when I was in college.

PMH is a ND Experiencer herself.  The enthusiasm she exudes when she speaks is powerfully uplifting. I was so taken with her that I later wrote to her and described my college experience.  And she put it in her book, Beyond the Light, What Isn’t Being Said About Near Death Experience,” published in 1994.*

Here’s the excerpt (pages 84-85)

“While a freshman at Princeton University, EGM Richie [that’s me] underwent what she describes as a classical spiritual awakening. In the aftermath of this very dramatic event, an ordinary day in May became extraordinary.  She explains:

“It was as if all reality were composed of radioactive love and I was being bombarded by waves of love radiation. Every leaf, every tree, every stone in every building was a sun unto itself, emanating love.  This was no mere mental perception. It was a physical feeling that penetrated to my very core. Just as the sun’s warmth can saturate the sunbather, so too did love saturate my entire body, my Being.  Moreover, I knew that  every particle of which I was composed vibrated in harmony with this magnificent loving power. Only my thoughts, somehow, stood at a distance, observing.  I wandered about dazed, eyes wide. Never had anything living or otherwise shimmered with such a dance of vibrancy.  And the blue sky and the sunlight crowned it all.  My thoughts screamed with profound joy.  My mind exploded, over and over, with this rush of infinitely profound awareness. I could have died then and there, and been gloriously happy.  This was truth.  All Being was, in the last analysis, composed of the substance of Love.  I was beside myself.”

The words,  “Source” or “Nuwati,” were not part of my verbal repertoire back in 1994, but I could say  now that during that time of my life I was very much “in the flow” with “the Source of All Things,” with “Nuwati,” with “the Complete Authority in Nature,” with “Medicine.” I experienced heaven, in a manner of speaking, right here on earth.

The scientifically minded might say that although my experience was beautiful and all that–nevertheless, it proves nothing beyond the fact that the human is capable of spiritual ecstasy…whether the product of drugs, or a warped brain or what-have-you. I would debate this. But even given that humans ARE capable of experiencing ecstasies of the spiritual nature kind says volumes.

In A Stroke of Insight,  neurobiologist Jill Bolte Taylor,  describes experiencing an infinite peace produced by the shut down of parts of her brain’s left hemisphere during a stroke. Check out her talk on Youtube. Her experience supports the idea that humans could be far, far, far, far, far more joyous and peaceful,  if we could just get our heads together! It’s right there in our right brains, the side of the brain that is utilized by children. Lest Ye become as children, Ye can not enter the Kingdom of God!

The Source, then, is always with us but we are blind. As dear Grandmother Parisha would say, we have “dust in our eyes.”

WEll, maybe YOU are not blind, just your neighbor.  But there is nothing like Experience….as I said above.  And if you think you just haven’t yet touched the Source, just look around. Its emanations, its manifestation, are everywhere.  The Source is All that Is!

And if these words help you….I am Doing a bit of  Nuwati.

*Beyond the Light, A Birch Lane Press Book, Carol Communications Inc., New York, NY, 1994.

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