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The Grid lays behind our Reality. We're "In" it whether we like it or not!

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The Grid (Spider Mother’s Web)

Went to see Tron: Legacy over the holidays with my son. 3-D; very cool. Great music. Bought the soundtrack. I  love it when Jeff Bridges says in regard to the Grid–you can see a smile on his lips as he says it:  “I got in!”  Whole thing reminded me of that other classic, The Matrix. BOTH reminded me of Spider Mother’s Medicines which I mentioned in an earlier blog, Spider Mother taught Me about Faith.

People might ask: Is there really a Spider Mother? And I would have to answer “Yes, of course. She has children all over the world, in nooks and crannies, in little holes in the ground, in the corners of houses where many a spider web is found.”

Through my studies of spirituality, I’ve concluded that non-human creatures that do not possess a self-consciousness, nevertheless are manifestations of a “group soul” which exists in a non-physical realm. This “group soul” is like an invisible hand with innumerable fingers. The fingers are the animals that we see in our earthly world. The palm is the oversoul that exists in the non-physical. The oversoul is the archetype and the center of the animal-being self-consciousness. So, for instance, every lion on earth is the finger-like projection of the Lion Oversoul or Archetype that exists in the realm of spirit. And every huge or tiny Spider is a manifestation of the great Spider oversoul. To use another analogy imagine that each little spider in our earthly world is like a projection from an Ultimate Holographic Movie Theater Spider Projector.

For those familiar with Plato and Socrates, the Oversoul is of the nature of the Archetype or Forms (with a capitol “F”) that these two Greek philosophers postulated. Interestingly, the word, archetype, incorporates the Greek word arche, meaning “origin” or “source.”

The human being is somewhat different. Our “oversoul” is the Being that is the sum total of all of our incarnations (which are, perhaps, simultaneous). Hence it is the Wise Source of our being. Alas, in ordinary earth life, a human’s “center” of consciousness does not generally access the non-physical realm. In fact, during an incarnation, the self-consciousness dwells for the most part in the physical plane of “lower vibrations” and greater density of materiality.

But back to Spider Mother. She exists as an ideal Form and all the spiders in the world are mimicking her. And one of her most obvious activities is the weaving of webs. Through observing her many webs on earth, we are given an image of the Grid or the Matrix, upon which our illusory reality is built. (After all, Disney has not been around to provide images except for the last 80 years or so.)  In a very literal sense, we hang upon a web-like matrix, here in our three dimensional realm. We are, in a sense, nailed to a sub-universe of crosses. (see illustration above.)

Far too few take the illusory nature of earthly experience seriously. As my teacher, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once stated, “We dream reality and live illusion. At any point of time, you could become fully conscious.” To become fully conscious, of course, is to become experientially aware and consciously identify with the true Source of your being. (Your arche-angel?)

There are many stories of Spider Mother in the Native American tradition. Perhaps one of the most curious is the story of how she brought Fire to humankind. The gist of the story is that of all the animals that tried, she is the only one that succeeded. She did so by weaving a little basket to carry fire on her back. So then you have to ask, “What is the Fire?” I would answer, “life and wisdom.” When humans die, they leave a cold corpse behind. The “fire” goes out. We, as humans, are spiritual Fire!  The web exists to bring us to Ourselves, to give us the experience of Wisdom through this “illusory” life. The web is the field of opposites, the realm where we learn of death and resurrection, (crucifixion). It is the field of the many names, the name-field– within the ultimate Tao of the Nameless. This name-field is the place that ultimately, we must each Rise Above.

“Rising Above” is the ultimate human spiritual goal. Some call it Enlightenment, as in the Buddhist tradition. Christians know it as the mystical union with God. It often can feel totally awesome or “ecstatic,” which actually means “to stand outside” our ordinary selves.  It is the experience of “Transcendence”–“a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience.”

And one of the day’s leading proponents of such experiences, Deepak Chopra, says transcendence is not such a difficult goal! He has said, “The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.”

So when you go to see Tron, if you haven’t already, know that this is truly an allegory of the human spirit.  We are trapped within the grid and until we change our programs, we will suffer the consequences. (But at least the sound track is awesome!)

Thank you Spider Mother–for thousands of year of imagery!


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