Cosmic Days: Secrets of our Evolution

The universe has a stake in which choices you decide to make, for the overwhelming evidence is that it favours evolution over standing still.…Deepak Chopra

2012 is about cosmic evolution on the grandest of scales. Several years ago, I composed a poem encapsulating the “spiritual scientist” Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on humanity’s journey through just such an epic cosmic evolution. He described eons of time, basing his wisdom on readings from the Akashic record and the traditional content of the European esoteric Christian tradition.

Without further adieu, I present now for your edification,

The Seven Day Creation: Crash Course in Cosmic Evolution

I’ll tell a secret of Spiritual Evolution,
Held silent for centuries for fear of persecution,
Stake burning, rack stretching, Catholic Inquisition,
That sort of thing. So here it is. Settle In.

Breathe deep and hear familiar words reveal
A story that speaks of the human to be;
Of the Divine Self that each of us will someday become,
When Our Evolution is finished, when we are Done,

With this particular SEVEN round series,
Though it goes on and on, no rest for the weary.

Now that last line’s a joke, “no rest for the weary”
We’re destined for bliss, so have no——– fear-y…..

Ever hear tell of the Days of the week?
Saturday and Sunday,
Monday then Tuesday ,
Wednesday and Thursday,
And Friday,
Remember to find you must seek.

Seven Days all named like the sun system’s planets,
Names so familiar you take them for granted,
But these names hold a secret long silent, suppressed,
Now Who would have thought it, now who would have guessed.

Long before Earth formed and before our dear sun,
Human development had already begun,
during great Cosmic Days and Deep cosmic Nights–
The days called manvantaras, the Night time praylayas,
And days and nights passed, and days and nights passed,
Manvantara, Pralaya, Manvantara, Praylaya.

Countless eons of time spiraling out, spiraling in,
Through seven planetary cycles we will have been,
When human evolution reaches a kind of an end.

Picture a cloud, invisible to eyes,
picture living ethereal beings inside,
and Outside the Cloud,
Holy Beings called Thrones
raying in forces of Love, so twas told,
Just like the sunshine rays to us from above.
The energy these beings poured in was Love.

The energy the Thrones poured in was Love,
And by some curious means, a foundation was laid,
as the rudimentary germs of the first Human bodies were made.

According to the silent European Christian tradition,
Suppressed by Authorities who demanded submission–
Saturday’s the name for this first Day of our mineralization,
And beside human beings there other were other creations.

In fact a whole hierarchy of being was present,
Side by side with humanity’s humble advent,
Angels and archangels, Excusia and Archai they’re called,
All at their own stage of cosmic evolvement,
All emerging from the Holy One’s Trifolded Godhead.

Now during the Saturday planetary Manvantara,
the consciousness of little baby humans bodies was such,
That you could say that our minds were just like
Earth’s rocks.
So who is to say that when we kick a rock outside,
In a manner of speaking, you could say you kicked Clyde.

Well just look around in Nature and now see the plants,
Who unlike rocks have a form quite organic,
Of course plants also have mineral bodies,
but unlike the crystal, the plant body’s shaped oddly,
Because plants are one step above the Stone level,
They have a bodily life that’s etheric.

Remember that word: etheric, ethereal,
Give forms over time and uplifts the mineral.

(no rythme)—-Going back now to the second cosmic Day:

After Saturday, there came something called Cosmic Day Sunday,
And we were quite plant-like,
with an organic form Not like minerals that stay crystalline,
But something vaguely Like Earth plants,
by consciousness that was like dreamless sleep,
And above us, on Sunday the ArchAngels developed their egos,
Their self-conscious nature, their self-knowing, self-reflective feature.

Revelation, revelation!
Do you see how this is going?
Do you see that we pass through seven stages of growing.
And as we ascend from beginning to end,
our consciousness changes, our being transcends
limitations And we become
the second Adam, Christ-like, Buddha-like
Divine men and women.

So next came the Moon/Monday planetary stage,
And humans got passion, hungers, instincts and rage,
Much–but not exactly–like the animals on Earth today.
We acquired our astral bodies, souls filled with self-centered needs, wants and feelings,
A dream world we lived in, With countless other beings.

The angels in the Moon/Monday stage were like people now,
And passed through the acquisition of the self-conscious crown,
While humanity wallowed in the animal mind,
Oh, people remember to all animals be kind.

So far we ‘ve spoken of three giant cloud evolutions—
Saturn, Sun and Moon they are named,
likewise our weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Moonday are the same.

And in between each was a giant night,
and then a renewed awakening on the other side.

So finally we arrive at the fourth
and current planetary stage of the story,
But where is the weekday word for the “Earth” ?

—oh, not to worry
For into this mystery I’ll give you a peek.
In the mystery schools Earth is called “Mars/Mercury.”

Say your words in Spanish and see how tis so.
Lunes is Moonday ie. Monday
Martes is Mars,
Miercoles is Mercury.
So during the Earth time of our trip through the stars,
We started out warlike, like the Greek God called Mars,
And served as soldiers to Caesars and Tsars.
Death and destruction is so tragically ours.
So tragically ours, that we now seek for healing,
Our violent passions, and long to become like
Mercury, god of healing, and become loving beings.

Above us, the angels, one step ahead,
Have given up mineral substance and instead,
Have one higher body we can barely imagine
Refined and ethereal
But someday indeed we will exist in like fashion.

Now you see according to secret tradition,
the unfoldment of humanity includes reincarnation,
From the very beginning, way back during Saturn,
We’ve entered manifestation and
left torn and tattered.

Only to return again and again,
As we learn the Art of the Divine Creative I Am,
the art of being a singular self,
a Self-conscious, responsible eternal being,
the art of self-conscious responsible living.

So, we’ve passed through Saturn-day, Sun-day and Moon-day,
And live in the midst of Mars/ Mercury and one day
We will evolve through Thorsday (that’s Thursday)
And then, we will pass through Friday, Frigga’s Day Hearth Goddess, Venus,
And beyond that lies, for all you Star Trek fans,
Vulcan, I kid you not, Vulcan is a part of the plan.

And with each giant era, we become more Divine,
And our consciousness climbs, and climbs and climbs,
as we learn more and more to become co-creators,
As we emerge from the colossal cosmic incubator.

Now, one little footnote, before I shut up
I’ll mention the Elohim, Spirits of our sun;
For the current Sun, so the Christian esoteric schools said,
Is an intelligent sphere of beings and when Jesus Christ bled,
The body of the Elohim united with Earth,
To give us the power to bring Love to Birth.

So some awesome day way, way down the line,
We can leave all our mineral bodies behind,
and shine like the sun,
and shine, shine, and shine.

The Beginning…

Well now, wasn’t that just a dandy bit of rhyme and reason.

And what might I add from my dear Elder, the venerable Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, to just top this vision of cosmic evolution off? How about, “Just Now….all that is and will ever be is just Now.”

For your edification,


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