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What if this was the Cybercenter of

Wellness and Spirituality?    Well….It Is!

Today: An Exercise in What If?

What if….as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said:  “Some live and die with how things have always been,”– while others make great leaps forward that benefit all humankind. Where would you fit into this paradigm?

What if… suddenly you could see “behind the veil” into the spiritual world? Do you think you could handle it? Undeniably, it would be awesome to see orbs or angels and the spirit of your great grandma, but what about demons and “lower” entities? How courageous are you?

What if….2012 meant that the “doors of perception” were suddenly open to us all. Would you freak out?

What if…the best defense in the spiritual world is a Loving offense?

What if…Chakras are the “organs of perception” that are as yet undeveloped in much of humanity. If we want to “see” into spiritual worlds, we need “organs of perception.” Folks who are familiar with yoga, meditation and the Eastern spiritual traditions have heard of the “chakras.” “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “turning.” Chakras are described variously, but they are generally considered to be “energy vortices that act as focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.[” Wikipedia] Again, very generally, the most common chakra systems that Westerners are familiar with assign seven chakras to the human being, and these are situated in the body’s central vertical axis, beginning at the “root chakra” and extending to the “crown.”

What if….The Chakra’s are our spiritual eyes and ears? Think of the human being’s eyeball. It is an organ of perception that is sensitive to the energy of light that we call the “visible spectrum.” Visible light and the human eye were “made for each other.” Just so, the human ear and sound frequencies within a given spectrum were also “made for each other.”

What if…when you get a “gut feeling” it is that chakra at the solar plexus, acting as an organ of perception, telling you something important? Likewise, with the Heart chakra. Do you follow your heart?

What if…more highly evolved beings can take many forms? After all, we are ALL made of energy. Perhaps a more highly evolved being, an “ET” or and “Angel” can shapeshift at will, appear as an ET, as an orb, as a cloud wisp,  as a Being of Light with an aura that looks as if it is a set of wings!

What if..more highly evolved beings can manifest to human eyes or not, as they choose.

What if…more highly evolved beings have “creative organs” such as we have reproductive organs and such highly evolved beings create through the energy or phenomena of Sound?

What if…our Voice, or the throat chakra, is the evolved human’s future organ of reproduction?  Wow!

What if…primitive humans had a rudimentary form of clairvoyance…of “seeing” such as described in Bible stories and myths. But for centuries, humans have been cut off from seeing the spiritual world so that we would have more freedom to live according to our own inner reason and will. And humans could develop a stronger sense of self so that when they regain a vision of “Spiritual Worlds” they will enter it as stronger, more mature and controlled, responsible  beings than primitive humans.

What if…the human Spirit reincarnates into human bodies through numerous lifetimes and influences the genetics of the bodies it enters……and through that process, the human body, the human vehicle, evolves as it is passed down generation to generation. Makes sense to me.

What if….you could SEE into the Future? What would you envision for the future if you knew that the future was yet unformed?

What if…as Deepak Choprah suggests, “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, [you] ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”