The Chi of Skirts, Wellness and Spirituality

All women of the Earth have the power to invoke the energy currents of life. All females have the Goddess within, waiting to be awakened. We need to bring her out and connect with all that is of Spirit and the beauty of living in the Great Earth. …

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’

Dresses and skirts were never my cup of tea. But soon after I began going to Friendship Village, I suddenly saw the wisdom behind the custom.

As I described in a recent post, She-roes Lead with the Heart, I was a “tomboy” as a child and I never lost my love of the outdoors and a rough and tumble life. When I moved to West Virginia in ’79 with my husband, it just made sense to wear long pants or (in summer) shorts as we played about on our 54 wooded acres.

In fact, my husband and I used to agree that women wore skirts and dresses out of vanity and the social custom of “dressing up” contributed to a culture in which people were, like books, too often judged by their “cover.” We condemned fancy clothing as an accoutrement of a decadent, over-materialistic society. Rather harsh, eh?

In the mid-1990’s, I began visiting Friendship Village, the ceremonial home of the Yunsai Society, the medicine circle formed under the Eldership of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. One of the first things, I noticed was that all the women were wearing skirts. In those days, there were always building projects underway. All the buildings at Friendship Villlage were constructed by volunteers. So I would see women in skirts pounding with hammers, mixing cement, carrying drywall, sawing with chain saws! It was not a little disconcerting.

It was soon explained to me that the energy of the Earth Mother, Ela, can be easily accessed by a woman wearing a skirt and….I blush to disclose….no underwear! A woman is built as the perfect receptacle for the  creative energy, or chi, rising from the Mother. A male can access it by wearing a sash belt, tied so that it dangles at least to below his left knee. But I got the impression that this was not as ideal as a woman’s situation.

Revelation! Suddenly, women’s vanity was no longer at issue! I could dress like a woman for solid spiritual reasons! How liberating! The custom of wearing skirts that has passed down through the ages by and for womankind had wisdom in it all long! God Bless!

That the Mother Earth gifts us  with her energy even as  she supplies everything else we need to live as human beings…the thought is somewhat overwhelming. How we are blessed with her love!

The energy born of love is creative—it makes everything it touches new….Deepak Chopra

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu (pronounced Too-N-Twah/ Spring Frog

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