20 Days to Solar Mastery?!


Remember, in our inmost being, we are all completely lovable because spirit is love. Beyond what anyone can make you think or feel about yourself, your unconditioned spirit stands, shining with a love nothing can tarnish… ¬† ¬†Deepak Chopra

Today is 6 Ahau. The Mayan day, Ahau, represents the ultimate in Mastery. Pronounced “a-how,” the image on the glyph denotes a Mayan solar lord. Ahau is the last day of the 20 day cycle or “week” in a “year” of 260 days in the Mayan’s Tzolkin calendar. Therefore the day of Ahau is a culmination of the processes of the preceding 20 days of activity.

The beauty of following the 20 day Tzolkin cycle is that it can set the tone for each day in terms of one’s goals, intentions, plans, spiritual development and the like. By paying attention to the qualities associated with the days, we are grounded in the very essences that are coded into universal Time. Reading about the qualities, meditating upon them, gives precious insights for the day’s unfoldment.

Unlike the 7 day week of the Gregorian calendar, there is no artificial workday “weekend” to interrupt the flow of life. Instead, with a twenty day cycle, there is a steady and constant building toward accomplishment and realization. Twenty days, rather than seven, gives time for creativity to unfold without hindrance.

Wearing colors according to the Mayan calendar puts us in synch with the energy frequencies of the day. I introduced this tool for self-development in an earlier post. Today’s colors are yellow and silver. Yellow is the “Ruler.” Silver is the “Blocker.” Yellow is always the Ruler of Ahau. Of course, that’s appropriate for a day whose “Gatekeeper” is the Sun, or the “Golden Planet.”

As a Sun Ceremonialist, I’ve spent hours dancing and gazing at the sun. July 2011 will be the eighth time that I dance the sun at Friendship Village, and I’ve attended and supported the dance perhaps the same number of years. This has given me ample time to form a relationship with and an understanding of that heavenly body that we call the “Sun.” Although of course, Great Mystery remains!

Alas, we live in a culture that has no real understanding or appreciation of the spiritual nature of the Sun. Rarely does the ordinary “man on the street” attribute any kind of life or consciousness to that wondrous Golden Planet. Yet, imagine if it were a living, conscious Being or a collective of Beings. It is constantly Giving of itself, day in and day out. It is constantly sacrificing its own substance so that humans might have life! And here we sit on earth, worried about how the sun causes cancer and global warming.

The ultimate goal of each human life is that each human Spirit evolves to become a self-conscious, responsible, ethereal being of creative energy, powerfully able to co-create and give life to new worlds–as a Sun unto itself! In essence, that’s what we already are but human life obscures this essence. The Mayan glyph, Ahau, represents the awakening of ourselves to our true nature–the embodiment of Love, Christ Consciousness, unconditional love, totally whole and one with the All That Is.

So have a profound Ahau, and check out the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. So that one day you can say, as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha can say: Love is all I know. It works for me. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.

Dancer of the Sun,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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