Imix Message: Why did the Crocodile Swallow the Phone?


“Crocodile Swallows Cell Phone” Did you read that in the news this morning? It happened at an aquarium in Ukraine when a young teen accidentally dropped it in the croc’s tank. The crocodile, named Gena, has stopped eating and her keepers are quite concerned. ¬†Synchronistically, today is Imix according to the Mayan Tzolkin which is translated as “Crocodile” or “Dragon.” ¬†Is the universe trying to tell us (or me) something?

Today, Imix, is a day for new beginnings! According to the Mayan Tzolkin, Imix is the first day of a transformative 20 day cycle, within a 13 X 20, or 260 day cycle. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us that humans need to focus on improving communications ….and now is the time to begin…Immediately–on Imix the day of beginnings!

Imix (pronounced EE-meesh) is associated with the source of life, the primordial Mother and primal waters, the primal unconscious, abundant potential, receptivity and divine nurturance. But poor Gena, the crocodile in the Ukraine, is sickened and won’t eat. Isn’t it interesting that the Crocodile in the Ukraine is named “Gena,” which likely has the same etymological roots as the word “genesis” that refers to beginnings–origins, creation, generations. Reminds me of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, that tells a tale of the Divine creation.

Gena’s life is threatened by the iconic tool of modern communication, the cell phone. What could this mean, symbolically?

Perhaps, it suggests that despite all our apparent advances in communication technologies, they are in fact, one of the sources of our most dire problems?

Communicating from beginning to the end is so critical for any project or undertaking, large or small.

I’m an associate of an organization whose members live from Australia to the US to Germany. One of our challenges, because we are so dispersed, is to keep communications going. Lately we’ve been working on some very serious financial negotiations and today I received an email from one of our members pointing out that money matters are influenced by the frequency and number of communications! “Money = energy. Energy=communication.,” was the way the writer summed it up.

In order to live in a world where prosperity is shared by all inhabitants, we have to have the communications, the dialogues,the shared agreements to create this reality! So much depends on leaders who are not only wise but also skilled in the art of persuasion, diplomacy and exceptional communication that inspires the masses.

Indeed, in my own personal life, my communication skills could certainly stand to be improved.

That’s the message from Imix and Gena I’m going to take into tomorrow.

Perhaps Gena’s swallowing the cell phone is a mere coincidence and really has no relationshp to Imix???But whatever the case with Gena, we can take the lead from Imix every 20 days. “Life is a cycle. A cycle is a circle. And in a circle, everything returns to where it began.” So often I’ve heard Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha say these words! Every Imix, we can pause and consider how to start anew in the pursuit of our goals, in planning undertakings, in transforming our lives for the better.


Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning — one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be….Oprah Winfrey.

Send prayers and blue light to Gena,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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