Singin’ in the Rain with a Song in the Heart

Lyric of the Day–Singin’ in the rain, I’m singin’ in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I’m happy again….etc. etc. etc.

“Singin’ in the Rain” is one of those fine, classic songs that takes an ordinary city street and turns it into a paradise of joy. Gene Kelly clicks his heels and gets sopping wet. There’s  “a song in my heart,” he warbles.  Cool dude. In his eyes, those raindrops are like diamonds…or, you might say, a thousand…or a billion… “beautiful things.”

Sometimes, happiness  just happens.  But why leave it up to chance?  Happiness is, in fact, something we can  turn on if we simply flip the switch. We can–indeed–simply choose or INTEND to be happy. You have the freedom to decide to be happy. At any particular moment you can make the effort to transform a sour mood into tasty sour cream and mashed potatoes.  Success only requires your INTENT…

I take care of my parents, both 87 years old.  They have emotional ups and down, especially my father.  And his foul moods often trigger foul weather in my own emotional atmosphere. He really knows how to rain on my parade and it’s not always easy to get back into  a “singin’ in the rain” mood.

Happily, Grandmother Parisha recently sent out a message to her Circle of correspondents that provides, in a few paragraphs, some beautiful insights into working with one’s everyday reality.  Here it is:

We feel happy when we have good intentions, and it’s a key to our day’s successes, but much too often all the great intentions get lost in the mind-child’s chatter and pathways (habitual thinking and beliefs) of what some call reality or necessities of living, while we do not catch or see that Creator is with us and talking to us in one thousand beautiful things!! Ahh…Beloveds, so much slips away unnoticed…

Begin your day with a focused moment, sit up as you awaken and think of four things that you feel grateful for, two people you appreciate in your life, and speak aloud good of yourself….

Say, “May my eyes see one thousand beautiful things, and my hands touch one hundred sacred things!”

Now the brain is in flow with Intent.  Repeat throughout the day as often as needed in celebration of recognition and having an “Aha!” moment when you did catch the meaningful things of your day!

Want success? Just count the good things of each day and give grateful acknowledgement that you have allowed it to be part of your day!

Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

This morning when my father was looking out the window at our yard and the blue, sunny sky, he commented that in spite of the fact that the weatherman had predicted foul weather–rain, sleet, snow—it sure didn’t look that way! He is worried about tomorrow’s weather because my sister and her family have to drive over the mountains to get here for Thanksgiving. Looking outside at the beautiful day myself, I couldn’t help bursting into song, putting the little town where we live–Danville, PA– in place of the lyrics to “Camelot” (as best I could in the moment.)

“The rain may never fall till after sundown, by eight the morning mists must disappear….in short there’s simply not, a more congenial spot, for happy-every-aftering —oh Danville, I like a lot!!!”

Put a song in your heart by Intending every day to look at the thousands of beautiful things that are right in front of you every everywhere….and you’ve got it made!

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