Lamat and Love

Tzolkin Date: 1 Lamat. Ruler is Yellow. Blocker is Turquoise. Gatekeeper is Golden Planet (Sun).

Meaning: Rabbit, star, Venus

Associated Qualities: Harmony, starseed, beneficial, fertility,  combinations, way-shower, octave, expanded love, clear perspective.

Lamat, is the Mayan Star or Venus glyph. Many modrn Mayan commentaries say Lamat is all about Love. Curiously, in classic Western cultural myths, Venus is similarly linked with Love. Venus, after all, was the Roman goddess of Love.  To be a spiritual archeologist means to recognize such universalities with humanity’s spiritual traditions. So it’s exciting to recognize this particular commonality.

The entire Tzolk’in calendar is based on astronomical relationships between the Earth, Venus and the Sun. This illustrates how significant the planet was for the Ancient Maya.  Lamat’s association with the rabbit speaks of fertility, multiplying abundance, growth, gentleness and harmony. It’s a Southern sign so it has that southern ease, generosity and eagerness to please.

Oprah Winfrey once said that “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” Well, maybe a mother’s glpyh has a lot  to do with it? I put my mother’s birthday into a Mayan birthday calculator and found that she is a Lamat.  How lucky can you get?  And not surprisingly, when I read the various interpretations, they fit her well. (Of course, I’ve put my sons and husband’s birthdays into the calculator too.  It’s fun to use each to see how they “fit” with their glyphs. I’ll file this info on my brain’s back burner and let it brew.)

There’s a story from Homer’s Odyssey that always comes to my mind when Venus is the topic. It tells of Aphrodite, (the Roman’s Venus) having a tryst with the God of War, Ares. Zeus arranged for Aphrodite’s marriage to Hephaestus, God of Fire and the Forge. She was not so thrilled to be wed to a lame god.  Hephaestus was angered by the tryst and ensnared the two in an unbreakable chain-link net so small as to be invisible and dragged them to Mount Olympus to shame them in front of the other gods. Although the Gods laugh, Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, states that he would gladly put up with such shame if it were to mean having Aphrodite’s love. When I heard this story, it was explained that Venus and Mercury were in conjunction at the time of the death of Jesus Christ, thus linking humankind’s salvation through love to the activity of communication.

I understand that these myths and tales are not empirical evidence for anything…at least not until humankind can see more deeply into reality!  But linking love and communication with the salvation of humankind?  I’ll go with that!

And love, whether it be Lamat or any day of the year….I will sing its praises.
As my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha asserts in regard to love, that it is the beginning and end of us all:  Love is all I know.  It works for me. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.”


Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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Manik says: I Hope You Dance in the Arbor of Wellness and Spirituality

Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance….Orpah Winfrey

Tzolkin Date: 13 Manik. Ruler is Blue. Blocker is Purple. Gatekeeper is Mercury.

Meaning: Deer, grasp. Sign of the Lord of the Hunt.

Associated Qualities: Completion, Beauty, the Craft of Life, accomplishment, gateway, dance, spiritual tools, priest/priestess.


My mother was thrilled yesterday to catch a glimpse of four deer streaking through our back yard. Deer have that effect on people. Living in the woods in West Virginia, seeing deer is almost an every day occurrence, particularly if you are traveling on the roads at dusk. Nevertheless, the sight of them is stirring. They are truly beautiful animals, graceful, elegant, powerful yet peaceful. Following a well-lived day of Cimi, the day of Death, discipline and transmutation, we can arrive at Manik with a new level of Beauty, Grace and Balance.

It’s at first curious that this glyph represents both the hunter and the hunted.  The hand pulls back the bow and let’s fly the arrow. But of course, there is great wisdom in this.  The hunt is a metaphor for life. And in the spirit of Zen and the Art of Archery, we must become One with the prey in order to truly become the quintessential hunter. In other words, we must be as elegant, graceful and powerful as the deer in order to be the true hunter, a master of the craft of life.

Or master of the Dance of life?  Oh what power there lies in the Dance! James Brown said, “The one thing that can solve most of our problems is Dancing.”  If only humanity took this wisdom to heart and understood the Truth of it.  But maybe we are on our way!  My local community center has just begun Zumba classes and they are filled to overflowing! Dance is like a magnet. As a Dancer of the Sun, I look forward to the day, sometime in the Golden Age after 2012, when swarms of people clamor to learn this Sacred ceremony.

I participate each summer in a Sun Ceremony at Friendship Village in Ohio, under the leadership of my, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. Although the Ceremony has a quite uniform, proscribed tradition of regalia and dance steps to which we strictly adhere, there are times during the four day event when “free form” dancing is also enjoyed. It is then that Grandmother always plays one of her and our favorite songs, I Hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack. We all really “get into” the lyrics. We enter the dance arbor and flow gracefully round and round, happy and smiling at each other as we image our lives as fulfilling the words:

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder
You get your fill to eat,
But always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Living might mean taking chances
But they’re worth taking
Lovin’ might be a mistake
But it’s worth making
Don’t let some hell bent heart.
When you come close to selling out
Give the heavens above
More than just a passing glance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
(Time is a real and constant motion always)
I hope you dance
(Rolling us along)
I hope you dance
(Tell me who)
I hope you dance
(Wants to look back on their youth and wonder)
(Where those years have gone)

I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance

And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance
I hope you dance

In honor of the Deer, the Dance and the Hunter in your Heart,
Today, I hope you Dance!


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My Birthday is the Death Day

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity can not survive….The Dalai Lama

Tzolk’in Date: 12 Cimi. Ruler is White. Blocker is Blue. Gatekeeper is Venus.

Meaning: Death.

Associated Qualities: surrender, sacrifice, release, transmutation, forgiveness, humility, revelation, discipline and organizational skills; sense of duty and commitment to community, luck.

If you explore the Tzolkin calendar online, you will come across programs that will tell you what Mayan day you were born.  According to these calculators, my birthday corresponds to 7 Cimi. So obviously, I’ll pay just a little more attention to the meaning and message of this glyph and I did a little more research on it for this blog.

Always, I try to be practical and even tempered about such things as astrology and similar esoteric means for achieving guidance.  When I was younger and more impetuous, I’d “throw” the I-Ching so often to help me make decisions; it came to be more of a hindrance to action than a blessing. I’ve known, also, for a long time, the seeming discrepancy between classical Western astrology’s sidereal and tropical methods which recently was “exposed” in the popular media.  I read an article in this week’s TIME about this. –Yes, I suppose it throws off all the newspapers’ superficial versions of the daily horoscope and  certainly gives debunkers and cynics more fodder for their cannons.

True self knowledge ne’r doth come cheap or easy….Who said that anyway?…oh….that was me.

All this being said….In terms of my own life’s course, personality, character and such, I have to say, I can “relate” to much of what is associated with Cimi. As a devoted spiritual seeker since my late teens, with a BA in religious studies, I’ve often stated that one of my favorite topics of conversation is Death, and life after Death. It’s the bottom line ultimate mystery of human existence.

The idea of sacrifice “speaks” to me too.  As one with deep Christian sensitivities, I appreciate the value and virtue of giving of oneself. And I “relate” to the challenge of not being overwhelmed by—as one commentary described–“feeling obliged to make sacrifices for others.”  This can lead to “victimhood” thinking. Indeed, as I go into the fourth year of caring for my two elderly parents, living at their home away from my husband and West Virginia home, this challenge is very, very real for me.
I found apropos advice that stated that Cimi people need to have “faith in the universe and evolving past victimhood.”

Interesting too is the association I found with Cimi’s as carrying a “powerful Northern energy.” For I am of the Yunsai medicine circle so my “Mother Lodge” is the North Lodge and yes, in our Medicine Wheel, the North is associated with “Life and Death.”

With all this heavy duty info at my fingertips, I was somewhat relieved to read on a website called The Mayan Calendar Portal that “There is, almost invariably, a special kind of softness about people born on the day sign of death.  In ancient sources, it was considered to be the luckiest of days and Death persons were supposed to be very successful in business.” So, when I win powerball, I will then go into all manner of businesses.  I can’t wait!

A few other tidbits:  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once gave a course in The Ancient Language which was all about the symbols used in glyphs worldwide. The closed eye that can be seen in the above Cimi glyph, she said, symbolizes “blessings.”  For that reason alone, I’ve always taken a liking to Cimi along with the notion that Cimi often seems to be an “easy” day for me.

Well, the Portal website also said: Cimi  “is the sign of the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  The Maya saw death as the creator of life, and contact with their ancestors served to activate inherent psychic abilities. This day sign is particularly gifted with these abilities and should use them as tools to assist others.”  Kinda cool.

I do enjoy considering that my birthday is the Death day. It has a wonderful, paradoxical Taoist ring to it. Practically speaking, it behooves us all to consider Death as part of the formula of life on Earth. We should all be intrigued by the Great Mystery of who we are. As my Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has pointed out, “Your life is exactly what and how you think. You are as your are!” And, “when we open ourselves to Truth, we are liberated.”

Happy Cimi!

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/ Spring Frog

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Chicchan-Creative Life Force

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou


Tzolkin Date: 11 Chicchan. Ruler is Red. Blocker is Green. Gatekeeper is Earth.

Meaning: Serpent. Associated qualitites: Intense, instinctive wisdom; sensual and dramatic; kundalini; vitality, passion, Creativity

The force or energy that rises up from the Earth through the Chakras, the body’s energy vortexes, is known as the Kundalini.  This life force energy, as it twists and rises around the body’s central column, is often portrayed as two serpents, intertwined. From this image, it is said, the symbol of healing, the Caduceus arises. This is primal creative energy and is strongly connected with spiritual and sexual activity and creativite activity in general.

When the kundalini rises all the way to the top of the system and through the head, we have the classic Enlightenment experience…..thanks to this “serpent” energy. It is able to rise through all the chakras due to a student’s preparations and purifications and disciplined spiritual practices.  It can halt at a chakra –become congested and unable to rise–when a person has “issues” related to any particular chakra.

Throughout the world, different traditions associate the serpent with creative energy and sexuality.  The Judeo-Christian “take” on this is the Bible story in Genesis. It’s the serpent, after all, who tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The first thing that happened was that they became sexually self-conscious (knowledgeable) when they “discovered” their nakedness and covered themselves. Sexuality, the most basic of creative activities,  is, of course, not evil.  But it is a potent activity that can cause all manner of difficulties if it is not respected for its potency and handled accordingly.

Artists—creative people–are always pushing the envelope of what is and is not acceptable in terms of a cultures ethics and customs. And very creative artists and creative persons work with a passion that in some sense they can not contain.  They feel compelled to express themselves. I like to think that much of this comes through their association with the Earth spirit…energy that comes from the bottom up rather than the top down.

Whatever the case, Chicchan speaks of our creativity….so go out a do something creative today!

And remember, Creator is unfolding in everyone you encounter. Greet all with respect and kindness. All are Creator….Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Happy for Creative Inspiration,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Kan: I will grow corn in the Garden of Wellness & Spirituality

“I will do what I have always done,”

the Elder replied, “I will grow corn.”



DATE: 10 Kan.  The Ruler is Yellow.  The Blocker is Yellow. The Gatekeeper is Mars.

Journeying through the Tzolkin, the 260 Count of Days according to the Mayan tradition–Today is the fourth day of a 20 day cycle.  The name of the day is Kan and it’s associated with maize (corn) and seeding, and also means lizard and net. Let’s see where this leads!

My dear Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, once shared with our Circle about the time a Hopi Elder was interviewed by a reporter in regard to the Year 2012.

“What will you do in preparation for 2012?” the Elder was asked. “I will do what I have always done,” the Elder replied, “I will grow corn.”

We can “grow corn” in both a literal sense, as do the Hopi. Or we can plant seeds and grow corn figuratively in our lives, either in terms of projects and goals or our own spiritual development. Sometimes these all go hand in hand.

When I moved away from my homestead in West Virginia to take care of my parents in my old neighborhood, one of the big things I knew that I would miss was my garden.  When a tree blew over in my parents’ yard, and the whole thing was removed, roots and all, it seemed like an ideal place to start a small corn patch.

Selu is the sacred corn of the Cherokee. There are lots of stories about Selu, Corn Mother. Kan is the Lord of the Maize of the Mayans. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said that the Cherokee are descendents of the Mayans. And it is interesting to compare the stories that are told of Selu and those associated with Kan.

Many years ago, I found an heirloom seed saver who cultivated and sold the ancient Cherokee corn, Selu. He was meticulous in his methods, saving only the best seeds from the best ears of corn. I feel blessed to be able to grow Selu from his seeds and have done so perhaps five times over the years. The seed keeps, in the meantime, in the freezer.

According to the seed saver, Selu is kept in all the frozen seed banks of the world.  I hope his information is accurate. At this point in time, American grown corn is close to 100 % GMO, a genetically modified organism. It’s dangerous to save seeds from these GMO hybrids due to “patent infringement” laws. You could be sued by a megalithic agri-company. And even if you did try to save the seeds and grow the corn, you’d likely end up with a patch of very weird plants because hybrids do not reproduce true to their parent plants. On top of this, there are animal studies that demonstrate GMO corn to be highly unhealthy.

Doesn’t it seem as if we have drifted way too far from our connection with Nature and the means of simple survival?

The first year I grew Selu at my parents, it did well.  That’s me in the picture with my corn. But this past summer my corn patch met with disaster.  We live in a neighborhood with lots of trees and lots of squirrels. A wild brushy hedgerow borders my parents’ yard on the north, near the corn patch, and I have seen a big fat raccoon emerge more than once from that hedgerow. So, I don’t know who discovered the corn first but the squirrels finished it up.  They could hop and climb over the fencing easily and right up the corn stalks as if they were trees.  They literally had a field day!

In West Virginia, I had a trap that I might have used.  But oddly, we live in a forest and have NEVER had squirrel problems. People still hunt for squirrel in my WV neck of the woods…and eat them. But here in the neighborhood, we’ve bred bold squirrels, spoiled by birdseed from feeders and there are no natural or unnatural predators.

Selu is a very tall, beautiful field corn, used for grinding and making flour. But I’d have to cage it and include a 14 foot high ceiling to protect it….unless I get a dog, which is out of the question. I’m thinking of going with a miniature blue corn or just skipping the business altogether, though it saddens me.

So I’m now puzzling over what to do next.  I want to grow corn.  But I may have to put that on hold.

Maybe I will use the considerable time I would spend in the corn patch for writing another book….?

Maybe I’ll take Oprah Winfrey’s advice and cultivate my calling, to be a spiritual communicator, more fully. As Oprah has said, I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.

Let us Grow Corn,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Akbal-Night: The Day of Spirits-in the House of Wellness and Spirituality

What do you do with your nights? Lots of people utilize the late night hours to “veg out” in front of the TV, “unwinding” from a day’s work and responsibilities. Sages advise the contrary! Akbal, the Mayan’s coded glyph, also beckons us to do otherwise.

Today is 9 Akbal according to the Tzolkin, the 260 day Mayan calendar. The Ruler is Blue. The Blocker is orange. The Gatekeeper is Jupiter. The simple translations associated with Akbal are darkness, night, early dawn and house.

My venerable Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha recently reminded her Circle that the best time to meditate is at 3 a.m., smack dab in the heart of the night! This is the nature of Akbal’s message–which is also associated by various Mayan commentators with a sanctuary (a house of prayer), the “looks-within-place,” the abyss and Dreamspeaker.

Spirituality is often associated with light and the sun.   But Akbal reminds us of the spiritual nature of night and darkness. In this sense, Akbal teaches a contrary lesson.

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember a “contrary” who was a character in the classic film, Little Big Man. Dustin Hoffman played a man who flip flops back and forth, living first as a “White Man” then as an “Indian.” In the course of his adventures, he humiliates a Cheyenne brave named Younger Bear who becomes a contrary, a warrior who does everything in reverse. He even rides his horse facing backwards.

Grandmother Parisha has often taught us that when we dance in a circle we can go either “Sunwise” or “Spiritwise.” Sunwise is clockwise. Counterclockwise is spirit-wise. She has said that her People, the Cherokee, in many ways were “contrary.” They were a matrilineal society and they viewed the Sun as a female form, calling it “Grandmother” and “Nunda” while the moon was “Grandfather,” and Nunda of the Night. This is quite contrary to the majority of spiritual traditions.

When you think about it, it all makes sense. Spirit is often characterized as the opposite of “material” and the sunlight reveals the material world most dramatically in the daytime. Humans focus on the necessities of their material lives during the daylight hours. And although, in my view the sun is a mighty Spiritual presence, it is perhaps so over-powering by day that it’s energies mute more subtle spiritual activity. To seek a connection with Spirit at night, a quiet time when the blanket of darkness lays upon us, has a wholly “other-worldly” feel to it!

The excerpted lines from a poem titled Silex Scintillans by Henry Vaughn characterizes this well:

Dark Night! this world’s defeat;
The stop to busy fools; care’s check and curb;
The day of spirits; my soul’s calm retreat
Which none disturb!
Christ’s progress, and His prayer-time;
The hours to which high Heaven doth chime.

There is in God, some say,
A deep but dazzling darkness.

I saw Eternity the other night
Like a great ring of pure and endless light.
All calm, as it was bright;…

Whether we go within to our inner sanctum during the day or night, Akbal suggests, one way or the other, we are wise to regularly take the time to do it. And don’t be contrary about it!

With appreciation for Akbal’s teaching,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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On Ik: Breathe in Spirit……….Wind Voices speak on


The tree gives me my life’s breath, and I give it life’s breath, we are connected….Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Have you had some fresh Spirit today? Have you been outside for a walk and breathed deeply, felt the winds on your cheeks, and acknowledged the standing tall ones, the trees who produce the breath of life?

Across the world, the sacred traditions equate or associate Spirit with breath, the wind, the air. Because today is the Mayan Tzolkin day of 8 Ik, the glyph that means wind or breath, I will consider the Breath of Life.

We live in a world of density, gravity, hardened materiality.  But there was a Time in the Ancient of Days before humanity was enmeshed so deeply in materiality…a  time that has passed into myth… a time of Eden when humans were Spirits in an ethereal spirit realm. As eras and ages passed, and our ancestors slowly emerged from their full emersion in ethereality, in Spirit–the ancient Yogic tradition arose in order to provide a way back to Eden. Breath, the Life Force or Prana was the key to “yoga,” or reunion with spirit.

Fast forward to the time of the ancient Hebrews and Greeks.  The Hebrew word behind spirit is ruach, and it means “air in motion.” It is the same word for “breath” and also means “life.” Similarly, the Greek word pneuma was used variously as “air in motion, breath, wind and spirit.”  A bit later, we find the same associations and meanings in the Latin word, “spiritus,” (which we retained in our lexicon) which for the Romans  had the double meaning of both breath and spirit.

So we have the Mayan glyph for this day, the Gregorian day of Sunday, January 23, 2011, reminding us to pay attention to and appreciate and seek to understand the mystery of the winds, of the air we breath, of the breath of the universe and its kinship with Spirit.

But don’t just take my advice. Take it from Oprah Winfrey too! Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

Not just a day for football, lol,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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Imix Message: Why did the Crocodile Swallow the Phone?


“Crocodile Swallows Cell Phone” Did you read that in the news this morning? It happened at an aquarium in Ukraine when a young teen accidentally dropped it in the croc’s tank. The crocodile, named Gena, has stopped eating and her keepers are quite concerned.  Synchronistically, today is Imix according to the Mayan Tzolkin which is translated as “Crocodile” or “Dragon.”  Is the universe trying to tell us (or me) something?

Today, Imix, is a day for new beginnings! According to the Mayan Tzolkin, Imix is the first day of a transformative 20 day cycle, within a 13 X 20, or 260 day cycle. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us that humans need to focus on improving communications ….and now is the time to begin…Immediately–on Imix the day of beginnings!

Imix (pronounced EE-meesh) is associated with the source of life, the primordial Mother and primal waters, the primal unconscious, abundant potential, receptivity and divine nurturance. But poor Gena, the crocodile in the Ukraine, is sickened and won’t eat. Isn’t it interesting that the Crocodile in the Ukraine is named “Gena,” which likely has the same etymological roots as the word “genesis” that refers to beginnings–origins, creation, generations. Reminds me of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, that tells a tale of the Divine creation.

Gena’s life is threatened by the iconic tool of modern communication, the cell phone. What could this mean, symbolically?

Perhaps, it suggests that despite all our apparent advances in communication technologies, they are in fact, one of the sources of our most dire problems?

Communicating from beginning to the end is so critical for any project or undertaking, large or small.

I’m an associate of an organization whose members live from Australia to the US to Germany. One of our challenges, because we are so dispersed, is to keep communications going. Lately we’ve been working on some very serious financial negotiations and today I received an email from one of our members pointing out that money matters are influenced by the frequency and number of communications! “Money = energy. Energy=communication.,” was the way the writer summed it up.

In order to live in a world where prosperity is shared by all inhabitants, we have to have the communications, the dialogues,the shared agreements to create this reality! So much depends on leaders who are not only wise but also skilled in the art of persuasion, diplomacy and exceptional communication that inspires the masses.

Indeed, in my own personal life, my communication skills could certainly stand to be improved.

That’s the message from Imix and Gena I’m going to take into tomorrow.

Perhaps Gena’s swallowing the cell phone is a mere coincidence and really has no relationshp to Imix???But whatever the case with Gena, we can take the lead from Imix every 20 days. “Life is a cycle. A cycle is a circle. And in a circle, everything returns to where it began.” So often I’ve heard Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha say these words! Every Imix, we can pause and consider how to start anew in the pursuit of our goals, in planning undertakings, in transforming our lives for the better.


Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning — one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be….Oprah Winfrey.

Send prayers and blue light to Gena,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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20 Days to Solar Mastery?!


Remember, in our inmost being, we are all completely lovable because spirit is love. Beyond what anyone can make you think or feel about yourself, your unconditioned spirit stands, shining with a love nothing can tarnish…    Deepak Chopra

Today is 6 Ahau. The Mayan day, Ahau, represents the ultimate in Mastery. Pronounced “a-how,” the image on the glyph denotes a Mayan solar lord. Ahau is the last day of the 20 day cycle or “week” in a “year” of 260 days in the Mayan’s Tzolkin calendar. Therefore the day of Ahau is a culmination of the processes of the preceding 20 days of activity.

The beauty of following the 20 day Tzolkin cycle is that it can set the tone for each day in terms of one’s goals, intentions, plans, spiritual development and the like. By paying attention to the qualities associated with the days, we are grounded in the very essences that are coded into universal Time. Reading about the qualities, meditating upon them, gives precious insights for the day’s unfoldment.

Unlike the 7 day week of the Gregorian calendar, there is no artificial workday “weekend” to interrupt the flow of life. Instead, with a twenty day cycle, there is a steady and constant building toward accomplishment and realization. Twenty days, rather than seven, gives time for creativity to unfold without hindrance.

Wearing colors according to the Mayan calendar puts us in synch with the energy frequencies of the day. I introduced this tool for self-development in an earlier post. Today’s colors are yellow and silver. Yellow is the “Ruler.” Silver is the “Blocker.” Yellow is always the Ruler of Ahau. Of course, that’s appropriate for a day whose “Gatekeeper” is the Sun, or the “Golden Planet.”

As a Sun Ceremonialist, I’ve spent hours dancing and gazing at the sun. July 2011 will be the eighth time that I dance the sun at Friendship Village, and I’ve attended and supported the dance perhaps the same number of years. This has given me ample time to form a relationship with and an understanding of that heavenly body that we call the “Sun.” Although of course, Great Mystery remains!

Alas, we live in a culture that has no real understanding or appreciation of the spiritual nature of the Sun. Rarely does the ordinary “man on the street” attribute any kind of life or consciousness to that wondrous Golden Planet. Yet, imagine if it were a living, conscious Being or a collective of Beings. It is constantly Giving of itself, day in and day out. It is constantly sacrificing its own substance so that humans might have life! And here we sit on earth, worried about how the sun causes cancer and global warming.

The ultimate goal of each human life is that each human Spirit evolves to become a self-conscious, responsible, ethereal being of creative energy, powerfully able to co-create and give life to new worlds–as a Sun unto itself! In essence, that’s what we already are but human life obscures this essence. The Mayan glyph, Ahau, represents the awakening of ourselves to our true nature–the embodiment of Love, Christ Consciousness, unconditional love, totally whole and one with the All That Is.

So have a profound Ahau, and check out the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. So that one day you can say, as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha can say: Love is all I know. It works for me. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.

Dancer of the Sun,

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu/Spring Frog

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The Chi of Skirts, Wellness and Spirituality

All women of the Earth have the power to invoke the energy currents of life. All females have the Goddess within, waiting to be awakened. We need to bring her out and connect with all that is of Spirit and the beauty of living in the Great Earth. …

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’

Dresses and skirts were never my cup of tea. But soon after I began going to Friendship Village, I suddenly saw the wisdom behind the custom.

As I described in a recent post, She-roes Lead with the Heart, I was a “tomboy” as a child and I never lost my love of the outdoors and a rough and tumble life. When I moved to West Virginia in ’79 with my husband, it just made sense to wear long pants or (in summer) shorts as we played about on our 54 wooded acres.

In fact, my husband and I used to agree that women wore skirts and dresses out of vanity and the social custom of “dressing up” contributed to a culture in which people were, like books, too often judged by their “cover.” We condemned fancy clothing as an accoutrement of a decadent, over-materialistic society. Rather harsh, eh?

In the mid-1990’s, I began visiting Friendship Village, the ceremonial home of the Yunsai Society, the medicine circle formed under the Eldership of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. One of the first things, I noticed was that all the women were wearing skirts. In those days, there were always building projects underway. All the buildings at Friendship Villlage were constructed by volunteers. So I would see women in skirts pounding with hammers, mixing cement, carrying drywall, sawing with chain saws! It was not a little disconcerting.

It was soon explained to me that the energy of the Earth Mother, Ela, can be easily accessed by a woman wearing a skirt and….I blush to disclose….no underwear! A woman is built as the perfect receptacle for the  creative energy, or chi, rising from the Mother. A male can access it by wearing a sash belt, tied so that it dangles at least to below his left knee. But I got the impression that this was not as ideal as a woman’s situation.

Revelation! Suddenly, women’s vanity was no longer at issue! I could dress like a woman for solid spiritual reasons! How liberating! The custom of wearing skirts that has passed down through the ages by and for womankind had wisdom in it all long! God Bless!

That the Mother Earth gifts us  with her energy even as  she supplies everything else we need to live as human beings…the thought is somewhat overwhelming. How we are blessed with her love!

The energy born of love is creative—it makes everything it touches new….Deepak Chopra

Elizabeth/Du’Tsu (pronounced Too-N-Twah/ Spring Frog

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