The Energetics of Etznab

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Today’s Topic:  Etznab

To conquer oneself is a greater victory than to conquer thousands in a battle…the Dalai Lama

Today is 4 Etznab, according to the Tzolk’in, one of the Mayan calendar cycles of which there are many.  I am wearing White to be in vibrational alignment or harmony with the day’s energies. As I mentioned several days ago in As Colorful as the Mayan Calendar, I usually wear two colors to work with the energetics of the day, but it happens that today both the “ruler” and the “blocker” are the same color, white.

There is a ton of information on the internet regarding the Mayan Calendar. Some sites that elaborate on the  mathematics of the calendar are–for the non-rocket scientist–downright intimidating. I appreciate the level of sophistication poured into these websites but in terms of one’s practical application in day to day life, knowing the math is not as important as living the Principals encoded within the glyphs. In fact, I suggest that even if you were totally “off”  in terms of wearing colors or following the dates– taking up a habit related to the Mayan days could be very valuable. If you were pursuing your habit with a sincere ethical orientation–making an effort to learn about the glyphs in order to improve your ethics and general spiritual evolution–any “error” would be offset by your positive orientation.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once suggested that we daily draw the day’s glyph in order to acquaint ourselves with them. Also, you can get a book about them or check out sites on the Internet to learn their traditional meanings. If you work with them in a consistent manner, as time goes by, you will have intuitive thoughts about them.

Etznab is not the “beginning” of this calendrical “week” or cycle of 20 days. But as I was inspired to begin with today, so be it. In fact, it is the third to last glyph of the cycle.

For some reason, Etznab has always been close to the top of my favorites. Perhaps it is the symmetry that appeals to me or the classic pattern that so often appears in Native American designs. Or perhaps it is the warrior in me, for it represents spiritual warriorship.

Etznab is traditionally associated with the knife, the obsidian sacrificial blade. A list of qualities given in The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner are “timelessness, discrimination, clarity, hall of mirrors, spiritual warriorship, sword of truth, facing the shadow, integration of paradox.”

The symmetry of the Etznab’s design portrays the mirroring quality. Self-reflection is indicated and facing the shadowy aspects of your personality. This may require gerding yourself with the Sword of Truth as a Spiritual Warrior, in a manner of speaking, in order to achieve true clarity, to discriminate where you are in denial or self-deception.

You see how this simple list can supply endless food for spiritual activity, and it would make no difference which day of your life you did it? Yet again, to amplify the effect, it makes sense to take the focus indicated by the Mayan day. You can look at the day’s events, phenomena, challenges and such with an Etznab-ish orientation.  Take indications from Etznab to meet both adversity and gifts…. conquer your “lower” self….cultivate the powers of your inner spiritual warrior, your powers of self-reflection, etc.

Yes. The Mayan calendar offers the powerful gift of understanding and  enriching the unfolding of your reality. And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist.  We simply need to appreciate that we live in a wonderfully harmonic universe and join in the dance. The Mayan “days” can  assist us to be who we simply are.  As Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha might say, “I am simple, like uncarved wood, running water, a butterfly in the wind.”  Kind of a paradox, eh?

Simply a Spring Frog, spiritual warrior,

Elizabeth/ Du’Tsu/Spring Frog,

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An Exercise in “What If”

What if this was the Cybercenter of

Wellness and Spirituality?    Well….It Is!

Today: An Exercise in What If?

What if….as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said:  “Some live and die with how things have always been,”– while others make great leaps forward that benefit all humankind. Where would you fit into this paradigm?

What if… suddenly you could see “behind the veil” into the spiritual world? Do you think you could handle it? Undeniably, it would be awesome to see orbs or angels and the spirit of your great grandma, but what about demons and “lower” entities? How courageous are you?

What if….2012 meant that the “doors of perception” were suddenly open to us all. Would you freak out?

What if…the best defense in the spiritual world is a Loving offense?

What if…Chakras are the “organs of perception” that are as yet undeveloped in much of humanity. If we want to “see” into spiritual worlds, we need “organs of perception.” Folks who are familiar with yoga, meditation and the Eastern spiritual traditions have heard of the “chakras.” “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” or “turning.” Chakras are described variously, but they are generally considered to be “energy vortices that act as focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.[” Wikipedia] Again, very generally, the most common chakra systems that Westerners are familiar with assign seven chakras to the human being, and these are situated in the body’s central vertical axis, beginning at the “root chakra” and extending to the “crown.”

What if….The Chakra’s are our spiritual eyes and ears? Think of the human being’s eyeball. It is an organ of perception that is sensitive to the energy of light that we call the “visible spectrum.” Visible light and the human eye were “made for each other.” Just so, the human ear and sound frequencies within a given spectrum were also “made for each other.”

What if…when you get a “gut feeling” it is that chakra at the solar plexus, acting as an organ of perception, telling you something important? Likewise, with the Heart chakra. Do you follow your heart?

What if…more highly evolved beings can take many forms? After all, we are ALL made of energy. Perhaps a more highly evolved being, an “ET” or and “Angel” can shapeshift at will, appear as an ET, as an orb, as a cloud wisp,  as a Being of Light with an aura that looks as if it is a set of wings!

What if..more highly evolved beings can manifest to human eyes or not, as they choose.

What if…more highly evolved beings have “creative organs” such as we have reproductive organs and such highly evolved beings create through the energy or phenomena of Sound?

What if…our Voice, or the throat chakra, is the evolved human’s future organ of reproduction?  Wow!

What if…primitive humans had a rudimentary form of clairvoyance…of “seeing” such as described in Bible stories and myths. But for centuries, humans have been cut off from seeing the spiritual world so that we would have more freedom to live according to our own inner reason and will. And humans could develop a stronger sense of self so that when they regain a vision of “Spiritual Worlds” they will enter it as stronger, more mature and controlled, responsible  beings than primitive humans.

What if…the human Spirit reincarnates into human bodies through numerous lifetimes and influences the genetics of the bodies it enters……and through that process, the human body, the human vehicle, evolves as it is passed down generation to generation. Makes sense to me.

What if….you could SEE into the Future? What would you envision for the future if you knew that the future was yet unformed?

What if…as Deepak Choprah suggests, “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, [you] ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

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She-roes lead with the Heart

Welcome to the Home Sweet Home

of Wellness and Spirituality:

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!…  Maya Angelou

Tomboy.  Ever been called that?  I was, and I liked it. I never dreamed I was a female until puberty.  Literally. During my nightime excursions with “Dreamspeaker,” I was either a neutral gender or male. There was actually a time when I awoke one morning and said, “Wow, I was a girl in my dream last night!” I was in junior high.

Until around age 9, I liked to play football, baseball, cowboys, army, kick-the-can,  and catch frogs in the swamp with my neighborhood buddies, most of whom were boys my age. In second grade, I bought a book:  How to Star in Football. (I still dry between my toes because it told me to.)

I had three sisters. The oldest was quite smitten with Barbie dolls and liked to sew.  She actually designed and sewed all the dresses for an entire wedding party, set it up with colored veils and the like, and photographed it. I made my Ken doll a Civil War Union soldier’s uniform.

My passion was for everything male. I fell in love, in my own little girl way, with all kinds of male actors…depending on the movie.  All cowboys, of course. Then there was South Pacific’s Frenchman, and Captain Von Trapp, and The Music Man.  Later, it was James Bond and Sean Connery and that was a strange time in my life because my hormones were beginning to kick in.  I didn’t know whether I wanted to BE James Bond or to kiss him.  Hahaha.  But I did know that I had absolutely NO interest in the women. They were mere shadows, necessary, apparantly, in the scheme of things.

I was disappointed when I  found out I could not try out for Little League, probably around 1962.  Didn’t seem fair since I was just as good a ballplayer as my friends. Fortunately, I was introduced to competitive swimming at age 10. And as the years went by, and the ole hormones flowed full force, I fell into the role of womanhood with relative ease.

My mother, God Bless her, was not a dynamic go-getter.  She was a gentle, fun-loving spirit who accepted the role she’d been given.  No questions asked. She was happy, it seemed, being a mother and wife. If her third daughter fussed and dragged her feet when it was time to put on a dress for kindergarten, so be it.  All in a days work.

So who were my female role models?  Good question. The women in my life were genteel, taking a back seat to the authoritarian doctors that surrounded them. They were housekeepers and bridge players, church goers, auxiliary members. Of course, ALL my elementary school teachers were women.  They were lively, sometimes jolly, fair, devoted women and I liked each one. All the women were positive presences.  Mrs. B, the mother of my best friend who started us swimming, was perhaps the one who stands out most as a bit outside the mold, a groundbreaker.

Now in my latter years, at age 57, knowing how it feels to be a mother and homemaker, I have to admire the women who held down the fort while I roamed the neighborhood, fantasizing I was a hero, not a she-ro. It’s never been easy to be a woman in this world and I appreciate that now more than I ever did when I was young.

Women in America are playing more public roles than ever before and that’s awesome. But as a mother of two sons, I occasionally hear them say that the men of our society are suffering from reverse discrimination. Men are loosing their identities and jobs as the women push their way into the non-traditional roles. Mothering and mothering correctly is SO vital today, perhaps more than ever before, especially in regard to our sons. And no matter where our paths lead us today as women, WE must be led by our Hearts!

So I’d like to send out a reminder to all women of our society, using the words of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. She once said, We are the ones that will heal the hearts of our children, sons, and daughters, and restore the value of life, all life……… Awaken beloved Women, let the Path of the Heart speak to our crying children and the next seven  generations, so that we can say,“We did our best.”

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Cosmic Days: Secrets of our Evolution

The universe has a stake in which choices you decide to make, for the overwhelming evidence is that it favours evolution over standing still.…Deepak Chopra

2012 is about cosmic evolution on the grandest of scales. Several years ago, I composed a poem encapsulating the “spiritual scientist” Rudolf Steiner’s teachings on humanity’s journey through just such an epic cosmic evolution. He described eons of time, basing his wisdom on readings from the Akashic record and the traditional content of the European esoteric Christian tradition.

Without further adieu, I present now for your edification,

The Seven Day Creation: Crash Course in Cosmic Evolution

I’ll tell a secret of Spiritual Evolution,
Held silent for centuries for fear of persecution,
Stake burning, rack stretching, Catholic Inquisition,
That sort of thing. So here it is. Settle In.

Breathe deep and hear familiar words reveal
A story that speaks of the human to be;
Of the Divine Self that each of us will someday become,
When Our Evolution is finished, when we are Done,

With this particular SEVEN round series,
Though it goes on and on, no rest for the weary.

Now that last line’s a joke, “no rest for the weary”
We’re destined for bliss, so have no——– fear-y…..

Ever hear tell of the Days of the week?
Saturday and Sunday,
Monday then Tuesday ,
Wednesday and Thursday,
And Friday,
Remember to find you must seek.

Seven Days all named like the sun system’s planets,
Names so familiar you take them for granted,
But these names hold a secret long silent, suppressed,
Now Who would have thought it, now who would have guessed.

Long before Earth formed and before our dear sun,
Human development had already begun,
during great Cosmic Days and Deep cosmic Nights–
The days called manvantaras, the Night time praylayas,
And days and nights passed, and days and nights passed,
Manvantara, Pralaya, Manvantara, Praylaya.

Countless eons of time spiraling out, spiraling in,
Through seven planetary cycles we will have been,
When human evolution reaches a kind of an end.

Picture a cloud, invisible to eyes,
picture living ethereal beings inside,
and Outside the Cloud,
Holy Beings called Thrones
raying in forces of Love, so twas told,
Just like the sunshine rays to us from above.
The energy these beings poured in was Love.

The energy the Thrones poured in was Love,
And by some curious means, a foundation was laid,
as the rudimentary germs of the first Human bodies were made.

According to the silent European Christian tradition,
Suppressed by Authorities who demanded submission–
Saturday’s the name for this first Day of our mineralization,
And beside human beings there other were other creations.

In fact a whole hierarchy of being was present,
Side by side with humanity’s humble advent,
Angels and archangels, Excusia and Archai they’re called,
All at their own stage of cosmic evolvement,
All emerging from the Holy One’s Trifolded Godhead.

Now during the Saturday planetary Manvantara,
the consciousness of little baby humans bodies was such,
That you could say that our minds were just like
Earth’s rocks.
So who is to say that when we kick a rock outside,
In a manner of speaking, you could say you kicked Clyde.

Well just look around in Nature and now see the plants,
Who unlike rocks have a form quite organic,
Of course plants also have mineral bodies,
but unlike the crystal, the plant body’s shaped oddly,
Because plants are one step above the Stone level,
They have a bodily life that’s etheric.

Remember that word: etheric, ethereal,
Give forms over time and uplifts the mineral.

(no rythme)—-Going back now to the second cosmic Day:

After Saturday, there came something called Cosmic Day Sunday,
And we were quite plant-like,
with an organic form Not like minerals that stay crystalline,
But something vaguely Like Earth plants,
by consciousness that was like dreamless sleep,
And above us, on Sunday the ArchAngels developed their egos,
Their self-conscious nature, their self-knowing, self-reflective feature.

Revelation, revelation!
Do you see how this is going?
Do you see that we pass through seven stages of growing.
And as we ascend from beginning to end,
our consciousness changes, our being transcends
limitations And we become
the second Adam, Christ-like, Buddha-like
Divine men and women.

So next came the Moon/Monday planetary stage,
And humans got passion, hungers, instincts and rage,
Much–but not exactly–like the animals on Earth today.
We acquired our astral bodies, souls filled with self-centered needs, wants and feelings,
A dream world we lived in, With countless other beings.

The angels in the Moon/Monday stage were like people now,
And passed through the acquisition of the self-conscious crown,
While humanity wallowed in the animal mind,
Oh, people remember to all animals be kind.

So far we ‘ve spoken of three giant cloud evolutions—
Saturn, Sun and Moon they are named,
likewise our weekdays, Saturday, Sunday and Moonday are the same.

And in between each was a giant night,
and then a renewed awakening on the other side.

So finally we arrive at the fourth
and current planetary stage of the story,
But where is the weekday word for the “Earth” ?

—oh, not to worry
For into this mystery I’ll give you a peek.
In the mystery schools Earth is called “Mars/Mercury.”

Say your words in Spanish and see how tis so.
Lunes is Moonday ie. Monday
Martes is Mars,
Miercoles is Mercury.
So during the Earth time of our trip through the stars,
We started out warlike, like the Greek God called Mars,
And served as soldiers to Caesars and Tsars.
Death and destruction is so tragically ours.
So tragically ours, that we now seek for healing,
Our violent passions, and long to become like
Mercury, god of healing, and become loving beings.

Above us, the angels, one step ahead,
Have given up mineral substance and instead,
Have one higher body we can barely imagine
Refined and ethereal
But someday indeed we will exist in like fashion.

Now you see according to secret tradition,
the unfoldment of humanity includes reincarnation,
From the very beginning, way back during Saturn,
We’ve entered manifestation and
left torn and tattered.

Only to return again and again,
As we learn the Art of the Divine Creative I Am,
the art of being a singular self,
a Self-conscious, responsible eternal being,
the art of self-conscious responsible living.

So, we’ve passed through Saturn-day, Sun-day and Moon-day,
And live in the midst of Mars/ Mercury and one day
We will evolve through Thorsday (that’s Thursday)
And then, we will pass through Friday, Frigga’s Day Hearth Goddess, Venus,
And beyond that lies, for all you Star Trek fans,
Vulcan, I kid you not, Vulcan is a part of the plan.

And with each giant era, we become more Divine,
And our consciousness climbs, and climbs and climbs,
as we learn more and more to become co-creators,
As we emerge from the colossal cosmic incubator.

Now, one little footnote, before I shut up
I’ll mention the Elohim, Spirits of our sun;
For the current Sun, so the Christian esoteric schools said,
Is an intelligent sphere of beings and when Jesus Christ bled,
The body of the Elohim united with Earth,
To give us the power to bring Love to Birth.

So some awesome day way, way down the line,
We can leave all our mineral bodies behind,
and shine like the sun,
and shine, shine, and shine.

The Beginning…

Well now, wasn’t that just a dandy bit of rhyme and reason.

And what might I add from my dear Elder, the venerable Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, to just top this vision of cosmic evolution off? How about, “Just Now….all that is and will ever be is just Now.”

For your edification,


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One Law: Respect

Welcome to the Cyberspace Home of Wellness and Spirituality.

Mutual respect is the foundation of genuine harmony.

…The Dalai Lama

Identify these lyrics: Pick-a-little, talk-a-little; pick-a-little, talk-a-little, pick, pick, pick…talk-a-lot, pick-a-little more…Here’ a hint. It’s from a delightful, 1957 Broadway musical set in the heartland of America, Iowa.

Yes. I knew you could do it. It’s from The Music Man, the story of a fly-by-night traveling salesman who sells musical instruments in “River City” with the promise that he’ll teach the local boys to play and whip them into a grand marching band. Except “Professor” Harold Hill doesn’t know a lick about playing 76 Trombones or any other instrument.

The scene with the Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little lyrics features the proper ladies of town, led by the most hoity-toity of the hoity-toity, gossiping about Marion, the librarian. Marion had befriended the town’s wealthy reclusive benefactor before he died. Now, the ladies cry “foul” because “he left River City, the library building but he left all the books to her!” In addition to her questionable relationship with the “Miser Madison,” Marion’s other chief crime is keeping racy books in the library–which, in fact, are classics by Balzac and Chaucer. Of course, Marion is a sweet, innocent but growing older, maid.

Professor Harold Hill falls for her and can’t get himself to leave town when the townsfolk get wind of his shenanigans. He’d been feeding the band boys a line about learning to play their instruments by “thinking” about the music and imagining they are playing. After a good chase scene and it looks like Professor Hill is going to end up behind bars, the boys actually come out with some real music and the day is saved!

The Music Man is a slice of good old American pie with several timeless messages which are two sides of the same coin. First, things are often NOT what other people say they are. We can intimate, slander and accuse but the Truth is not served by vicious gossip, innuendo, and exaggerations. Americans are having to look at this issue right now in the aftermath of the Arizona shootings. Our political discourse is besotted with ugly fear-mongering and vicious mud slinging from both sides of the court. This serves the blind forces of divisiveness and destruction, not the uplifting of our lives.

On the other side of the coin is good ole positive thinking. Maybe Professor Hill was a con-man but the power of positive thinking is real. We can all “rise above” the fray and find ways to unify our society, not further divide it. We CAN speak well of others, keeping it “civil,” even if our ideologies are at odds. We CAN use positive thinking by envisioning a world of mutual respect and practicing what we envision.

As I’ve heard Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has said time and time again: There is only one law: Respect.

Seems so simple. Let’s take a positive position and go for it.


Elizabeth/ Du’Tsu

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Put on Your Jester’s Cap

Welcome to the High and Lofty

CyberPalace of Wellness and Spirituality!

Where Every Human Soul is a Royal Personage,

Crowned Princes and Crowned Princesses

In the Evolving Principality of Love and Personality.

Today, the Jester’s on the Job. He’s Lame.

In my heart, I know I Am funny. Not! Hahahaha. At least, not as funny as my husband who of course outshines me in very few things but at least he is funny. (I, on the other hand, beat him hand’s down in the arrogance department.)

If someone asked me to be funny, I’d go into paralysis. I’d freeze. Maybe the next thing that came sputtering from my mouth would be so garbled, it would be funny. But not because I was consciously in control. If someone asked me to tell a joke, I’d reach humbly into my bare-bones memory file of Laughs. I’d sweat and squirm cause in it there are like-two lame jokes that are only funny because my family has told them ad nauseum, over and over. I’d also find two or three lame dirty jokes that even MY memory file can’t seem to wipe clean! And there MIGHT be, on a good memory bank day…a couple “So-and-so walked into a bar” jokes. That’s on a SUPREMO numero uno good day.

For the record, here’s the most famous of the lame family jokes, sanitized by the politically correct Police. In light of the recent Arizona shooting tragedy, I do want to apologize for it’s reference to a woman’s shooting. Work with me here. It’s not a joke that glorifies killing or any such thing. It’s very innocent.

Two clueless personages were sitting on a park bench, Tweedle Dee and Tweele Dum. Dee is reading a paper and asks Dum, “What is a woman’s ‘Yet.‘”

Dum says, “What do you mean, ‘What is a woman’s Yet’?”

Dee says, “It says here in the paper, ‘The bullet is in her yet.'”

“Oh,” says Dum, “That means, the bullet is in her now.”

“Well,” says Dee, “What’s a woman’s Now?”

“Oh…” says Dum, with a bit of impatience, “You know the old song, I wonder who’s kissing her NOW?”

Now, after you have had one polite, infinitesimal chuckle, imagine a six year old hearing this joke. Cause that’s when I may have heard it first, from my dear, delightful father. Imagine then, that every time you hear this same joke for the next fifty years, you wonder about that bullet. You wonder where–in the last analysis–does Dum think the bullet is? Does he think the bullet is in the woman’s MOUTH?

After you have puzzled over this Zen koan for a moment……I’ll move on.

nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnah….(to quote Chevy Chase in Ground Hog Day.)

I suppose the flip side of thinking of myself as NOT FUNNY, is the life-saving disposition I have for laughing. I’m a good laugher; it comes easily; sometimes sounds like a horse’s whinny. So, actually, Mr. Richie and I make a good team.

Then there’s the “Funny Things that Happened to Me” file. My memory bank has only one constantly accessible file in this category though I could swear there have been more….!

While sitting in the back of a parked Ford Econoline van which was our  home at the time, I was eating dinner with Mr. Richie who says: Do you want me to put your salad dressing on your salad? And I say, no I will put it on myself. He hands me the bottle. Thinking the phrase “I’ll put it on myself,” is amusing, I decide, “Hey, why not act out that expression, and put the dressing ‘on myself.'” Of course, I thought the lid was on tight…but it wasn’t. In the next moment-Blop, Blop, Blop!-I was dowsing myself with Italian salad dressing!!! All over myself. HAHAHA

It sure is fun to laugh with yourself, isn’t it?

I hope you get some good laughs today. It is said that children laugh about 400 times a day while adults, on a good day, might hit 15. Ouch!

Maya Angelou said, “I am serious, so I laugh a lot. You need to laugh. You don’t laugh enough. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.” I can relate so well to this quote. I am an extremely serious person and sometimes feel as if I am carrying the world upon my shoulders.

Last night, however, I had a hoot of a time with a good friend, heating myself to the bone and warming my heart while laughing in her hot tub. Wado dear friend!

To paraphrase Jim Thorpe when he said “Thanks King,” when he accepted his Olmpypic Gold medal from the King of Sweden—- I say, “Thanks Princess”….to my tubbing friend.

And I will leave you with some sage advice from Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha: “Hear the children laugh, so pure–so open. Let your child be free!”

Laugh loud, Laugh often,


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Spider Mother’s Grid

The Grid lays behind our Reality. We're "In" it whether we like it or not!

Welcome to

Today’s topic:

The Grid (Spider Mother’s Web)

Went to see Tron: Legacy over the holidays with my son. 3-D; very cool. Great music. Bought the soundtrack. I  love it when Jeff Bridges says in regard to the Grid–you can see a smile on his lips as he says it:  “I got in!”  Whole thing reminded me of that other classic, The Matrix. BOTH reminded me of Spider Mother’s Medicines which I mentioned in an earlier blog, Spider Mother taught Me about Faith.

People might ask: Is there really a Spider Mother? And I would have to answer “Yes, of course. She has children all over the world, in nooks and crannies, in little holes in the ground, in the corners of houses where many a spider web is found.”

Through my studies of spirituality, I’ve concluded that non-human creatures that do not possess a self-consciousness, nevertheless are manifestations of a “group soul” which exists in a non-physical realm. This “group soul” is like an invisible hand with innumerable fingers. The fingers are the animals that we see in our earthly world. The palm is the oversoul that exists in the non-physical. The oversoul is the archetype and the center of the animal-being self-consciousness. So, for instance, every lion on earth is the finger-like projection of the Lion Oversoul or Archetype that exists in the realm of spirit. And every huge or tiny Spider is a manifestation of the great Spider oversoul. To use another analogy imagine that each little spider in our earthly world is like a projection from an Ultimate Holographic Movie Theater Spider Projector.

For those familiar with Plato and Socrates, the Oversoul is of the nature of the Archetype or Forms (with a capitol “F”) that these two Greek philosophers postulated. Interestingly, the word, archetype, incorporates the Greek word arche, meaning “origin” or “source.”

The human being is somewhat different. Our “oversoul” is the Being that is the sum total of all of our incarnations (which are, perhaps, simultaneous). Hence it is the Wise Source of our being. Alas, in ordinary earth life, a human’s “center” of consciousness does not generally access the non-physical realm. In fact, during an incarnation, the self-consciousness dwells for the most part in the physical plane of “lower vibrations” and greater density of materiality.

But back to Spider Mother. She exists as an ideal Form and all the spiders in the world are mimicking her. And one of her most obvious activities is the weaving of webs. Through observing her many webs on earth, we are given an image of the Grid or the Matrix, upon which our illusory reality is built. (After all, Disney has not been around to provide images except for the last 80 years or so.)  In a very literal sense, we hang upon a web-like matrix, here in our three dimensional realm. We are, in a sense, nailed to a sub-universe of crosses. (see illustration above.)

Far too few take the illusory nature of earthly experience seriously. As my teacher, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once stated, “We dream reality and live illusion. At any point of time, you could become fully conscious.” To become fully conscious, of course, is to become experientially aware and consciously identify with the true Source of your being. (Your arche-angel?)

There are many stories of Spider Mother in the Native American tradition. Perhaps one of the most curious is the story of how she brought Fire to humankind. The gist of the story is that of all the animals that tried, she is the only one that succeeded. She did so by weaving a little basket to carry fire on her back. So then you have to ask, “What is the Fire?” I would answer, “life and wisdom.” When humans die, they leave a cold corpse behind. The “fire” goes out. We, as humans, are spiritual Fire!  The web exists to bring us to Ourselves, to give us the experience of Wisdom through this “illusory” life. The web is the field of opposites, the realm where we learn of death and resurrection, (crucifixion). It is the field of the many names, the name-field– within the ultimate Tao of the Nameless. This name-field is the place that ultimately, we must each Rise Above.

“Rising Above” is the ultimate human spiritual goal. Some call it Enlightenment, as in the Buddhist tradition. Christians know it as the mystical union with God. It often can feel totally awesome or “ecstatic,” which actually means “to stand outside” our ordinary selves.  It is the experience of “Transcendence”–“a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience.”

And one of the day’s leading proponents of such experiences, Deepak Chopra, says transcendence is not such a difficult goal! He has said, “The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal.”

So when you go to see Tron, if you haven’t already, know that this is truly an allegory of the human spirit.  We are trapped within the grid and until we change our programs, we will suffer the consequences. (But at least the sound track is awesome!)

Thank you Spider Mother–for thousands of year of imagery!


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Free as the North Wind Blows

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Free as the North Wind Blows

From the Frozen Waters comes the Promise of the Future…Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

Snow. Beautiful and cold. Chills the body, but not the soul.

My lodge is the North Lodge. Yunsai, the White Buffalo, is the Gatekeeper of the North Lodge.

When I go to Scout troops to teach about the Medicine Wheel, I first ask the question: What is at the center of the universe? I get various answers, but usually not the one that I’m fishing for. So I ask for a volunteer and ask them to stand up. I tell the youngin’ to stretch out their arm and point with their pointing finger. Then I tell them to close their eyes and slowly turn around in a circle and imagine looking out to the very end of the universe, past the planets through the blackness of space and beyond the stars and galaxies.

Then I ask again. What is at the center of the universe? And very often they say: “I Am”–which is what I’m fishing for. We are each the center of our own universe–the center of a circle, a wheel, that extends at every degree, into infinity!

I’ve been taught by Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha that the center of the Medicine Wheel is the place of the Creator, the Source. Humans, she says, are the Co-Creator, endowed with the power to create. In this way we are made in the image of God. Quantum physics tells us that our creative power comes from the power of our consciousness. Beliefs cause an non-manifest realm of “waves of quantum possibilities” to “collapse” into a singular manifest reality–the one that we observe as “real.”

Its not hard for me to imagine that the universe is like a magnificent wheel. Then I imagine that there is a place called the North gate. The North gate is characterized by the following attributes: Will, Wisdom, Water, Freezing Winds, Creative force, Intuition, Death, Life, Star Seeds, Allowing, Potential, Path of Success, Power, Action, Control, Priorities, Goals, Accomplishments, Results, Recognition, Effective action through thought; Testing-tempering for defeat of imbalanced and destructive thought forms; Give-away, Renew, Freedom, Creation. And I imagine these attributes as Gifts that flow from the North, especially during the season of Winter. They are Gifts that manifest, according to my appreciation of them, according to my beliefs about them, according to the laws of quantum physics.It’s a long list, yes?

Lots of Gifts come from the North. So, if you are lucky enough to have some snow time any time soon, when you are out there walking ask: “What Gifts may I find here? What has the North Wind blown in?” You’re bound to find plenty!

Perhaps as you walk, with the giant sky above and the horizons wide before you, and the blustery snow and cold tingling your finglings, you will feel a Love of this Awesome Creation. And then bring to mind this thought as you feel the Love:

“The more you are motivated by Love, The more Fearless and Free your action will be.” …the XIV Dalai Lama

With appreciation for the North Winds,


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Oh For the Natural Old Days!

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Oh For the Natural Old Days!

Be in Nature. Stay in harmony with nature. It is you…Learn of Nature, then understand yourself….Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

See that little house in the picture up above. It was home sweet home for six years. No electricity for six years, just kerocene, flashlights, starlight and firelight. No running water for six years. Just running to the old hand dug well and dropping a bucket down and bringing up the cold sweet sap of the Mother Earth. No telephone. No cell phone. No laptop. No TV. No videos. We had a little cat door. Every now and then a cat would paw its way in. That was fun to watch. Oh, we could sing and play the guitar too…and talk to each other.

Last night, I sat in front of my lap top, sending emails, working on the plans for a UFO conference in Arizona, and I puzzled over how to access one of two You Tube accounts I have! Can’t remember the username of the darn thing. Seems like I spent most of my day in front of that lap top!

Technology. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. What are we humans going to do?

During the first winter in that stone cottage, the roof wasn’t insulated and somehow, snow filtered through the tin and fluttered down upon me and my man as we lay on the floor in sleeping bags. We spent many of that winter’s days cutting firewood because we hadn’t had time to do it in the fall. (During the fall we put the roof on the old bare boned root cellar that was left on the property.) So, after a winter’s day of cutting firewood or making bread in the little cook stove, getting cozy under the covers was pure sweetness.

If I didn’t run–you know, jog– outside on the streets of my neighborhood of ordinary houses in central Pennsylvania, I’d hardly ever be outside for any length of time…just to go to mail box and the grocery store. My 87 year old dad keeps the temperature at 77 degrees. Keeping up with the parental care and the business of life….its hard to find time just to go outside to be with Nature.

I know my memories of my six years in the root cellar are somewhat romanticized. But if we all lived that way BY CHOICE and not because we were so darned poor we had NO CHOICE than to live in a hovel….if we all chose to live in a little house….and went outside to work the land and bring forth her bounty….is it a possible or an impossible dream..that we might be happier?

Lift up your eyes upon. This day breaking for you. Give birth again. To the dream.”…Maya Angelou

Dreaming the Dream


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Lesson of the Holy Wars

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Lesson of the Holy Wars

New Age versus Old Time Religion. Evolution versus Creation. Left versus Right. When are these devilish dichotomies–the Holy Wars– just going to wake up and die right?

My father briefly tuned in to a preacher on TV last night. The preacher had clumped together a certain faction of people and labeled them. Now he was out to prove how wrong they were, using the Bible. But my father switched the channel long before the preacher had his chance. I was relieved.

I understand where the preacher is coming from. My husband used to declare how alienating my missionary zeal was. There came a point in our relationship where we had to stop having spiritual discussions. They drove a wedge between us and it was painful. We had a personal little Holy War that was all our own. Lucky us!

It taught me a lesson. We know people by their fruits. I’m a good person. I do mostly good things. My husband is a good person. He does mostly good things. God is Love. Those that dwell in Love, dwell in God and God in them. If something causes LOVE to be absent from a scenario, then God is no longer being served.

One of my life goals is to be able to say, with all certainty and sincerity, the same words as my Elder, Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. “Love is all I know. I was created as love and will return when I have completed here.” Maybe I could say that now, if it wasn’t for the occasional bouts I have with anger. I’m a work in progress.

There are righteous, worthy causes and varying ways to defend them. But far too often, Holy Wars are not waged by the righteous, but by the angry, the petty, the foolish, the ignorant.  The common soldier is far too often a pawn manipulated by the greedy, the power hungry.

Let Love prevail and be of good faith. As Maya Angelou says: “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it’s destination full of hope.” Love is not “pie in the sky.” It is humanity’s future.



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